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On Envy

Jealousy is that unpleasant emotion you feel when you think someone’s trying to take what’s yours. Envy is wanting what someone else has and resenting them for having it. People normally use the words envy and jealously to convey the … Continue reading

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Deactivating my Twitter account means I have a major case of FOMO – Fear Of Missing Out (even if I only did it 3 hours ago.) It’s the main reason why I haven’t deactivated it before when I knew it … Continue reading

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There’s Always Something

“Sometime’s we don’t do the things we want to do so that others wont know we want to do them.”* Sometimes people don’t do the things for you that they do for other people. It messes with your head, it … Continue reading

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Taking A Break

Whether it’s certain people, certain situations or a certain mind frame, sometimes you just need to take a break. I’ve really struggled writing this post. I wanted all my #nablopomo posts to be happy and positive but sometimes you just … Continue reading

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Hey Mr DJ

I had hoped when I first wrote about The DJ it was going to be because of us spending a great night together. Alas that has not happened. I don’t even remember how we started talking, I know my love … Continue reading

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Who Can You Trust?

Something I have come to realise lately is that blogging when angry, upset or feeling really depressed is probably not the best thing to do. I need to give myself time to put my thoughts into order and not act … Continue reading

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Dick Pics

The other day on twitter I spent most of the day talking about dick pics. I think after reading SexBlogOfSorts post Cock; Isn’t it hilarious? and HornyGeekGirl’s post Innocent Joy, I just had cocks on the brain. The hive mind … Continue reading

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