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O Christmas Tree – #wrapmeinlights

Christmas wouldn’t be the same without a Christmas tree. They sit in the corner of our living rooms, gleaming from fairy lights and tinsel, they emanate all the joy and expectation of Christmas while watching over all the presents that … Continue reading

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There is no point – #SinfulSunday

There is no point in trying to explain how I am feeling at the moment, I’ve said those words many times before and still nothing changes. So here’s a picture of my breasts. To view everyone else’s contributions, just click … Continue reading

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A Peak – #SinfulSunday

This is the last of my holiday themed Sinful Sunday images. In my hotel room there were two bath towels, a small one and a large one. I don’t know if it’s common place for hotel towels to be ridiculously … Continue reading

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It Could Be You – #SinfulSunday

This could be your view of me. It could be your hands that free my breasts from my top. It could be your fingers that tease and tweak my nipples into hard little buds. It could be your cock that … Continue reading

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Batteries Not Included – #SinfulSunday

Picture the scene. You are naked on your bed, your favourite vibrator between your legs. You are thrusting it in and out of your wet aching pussy, the rabbit “ears” vibrating perfectly against your swollen clit. Your breathing quickens, your … Continue reading

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Losing A Sense – #SinfulSunday

Taking away one sense heightens the others, that what he tells me anyway. I don’t believe him. He ties the blindfold around my head, tells me to lay back on the bed and not to move, he will be right … Continue reading

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Being Ill

*contains boob* I absolutely hate being ill like I am at the moment. I can’t go to work because walking around in the cold for 5 hours will only make me worse. I can’t write anything to taxing because my … Continue reading

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