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I Did It!!

So here we are the 28th of February and the final day of #NaBloPoMo and I fucking did it! I am pretty proud of myself, 28 posts in 28 days was a hell of a challenge, especially as I’m the … Continue reading

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My Soundtrack

After books, music is my second love. I can’t go a day without listening to it. Music is art, it is poetry I can understand. It has the power to transport you back to a specific time in your life, … Continue reading

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My First Sex Toy – Jessica Rabbit Slim Review

This is the final review in the My First Sex Toy series. You can see the other reviews here, Rocks Off 100mm Soft Tip Bullet and Loving Joy Deluxe Pearl Rabbit. So onto today’s review. Jessica Rabbit Slim First of … Continue reading

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Being Ill

*contains boob* I absolutely hate being ill like I am at the moment. I can’t go to work because walking around in the cold for 5 hours will only make me worse. I can’t write anything to taxing because my … Continue reading

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The Real Answer

I was going to write a post about women having preferences when it comes to circumcised or uncircumcised penises. The idea for that came from talking to my American Boy about how he is self conscious about his penis because … Continue reading

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There’s Always Something

“Sometime’s we don’t do the things we want to do so that others wont know we want to do them.”* Sometimes people don’t do the things for you that they do for other people. It messes with your head, it … Continue reading

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The Contender – #SinfulSunday

*This week I was going to write about how there have been fraudsters taking part in this meme, stealing people’s photos and disrespecting all of us but I couldn’t think of an image to go with it.* Recently I’ve really … Continue reading

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