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Trust – #WickedWednesday

Do you remember having to do those trust exercises at school where you would have to fall backwards and people would catch you? I could never do it, even with my best friends I couldn’t do it. It’s not that … Continue reading

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Hey Mr DJ

I had hoped when I first wrote about The DJ it was going to be because of us spending a great night together. Alas that has not happened. I don’t even remember how we started talking, I know my love … Continue reading

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Change The Subject

I am sick of talking about men! At work I am on a team with two other girls and all we talk about is their boyfriends and relationship issues. It’s really starting to bug me. One flips out on her … Continue reading

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Dick Pics

The other day on twitter I spent most of the day talking about dick pics. I think after reading SexBlogOfSorts post Cock; Isn’t it hilarious? and HornyGeekGirl’s post Innocent Joy, I just had cocks on the brain. The hive mind … Continue reading

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The Art Of Being A Real Women?!

There I was happily scrolling through twitter when I saw a tweet by @Singlewarehouse with this article called The Art of Being a Real Woman by @detroitdate Before I even clicked the link I knew I was going to find … Continue reading

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I’d take the dog

So reading Charlie Powell’s blog post Dogs and Babies got me thinking about something. In it she expresses the view that women being honest about their want for children can be seen as a big problem, mainly for men it … Continue reading

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Having sex like a man

This post is essentially just me thinking out loud, trying to work out my thoughts and eventually getting annoyed with myself. So… Men can have sex without feelings, women always form an emotional attachment to the men they have sex … Continue reading

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