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Brain Dump (2nd Birthday)

Today is the 2nd birthday of this blog.  I’ve been wondering for a while what special thing I could do to celebrate it and honestly I was/am completely stumped for ideas so as I’ve been away from the blog for … Continue reading

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Colourful Emotions – #SinfulSunday

After feeling grey for quite a while the colour is slowly filtering back in and it has made me realised there was colour in my life before, in all the emotions I was feeling. Waiting for you was turning me … Continue reading

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She has moved into a place where the windows are just as tall but even more wide. The bay window she could have open to the world is closed. It faces a busy road and a popular pub, being in … Continue reading

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Taking A Break

Whether it’s certain people, certain situations or a certain mind frame, sometimes you just need to take a break. I’ve really struggled writing this post. I wanted all my #nablopomo posts to be happy and positive but sometimes you just … Continue reading

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A Day In The Life Of

I work as a door to door fundraiser. It’s a very interesting job to say the least. The easiest way to describe it is bipolar, the good days are really good, the bad days are really bad. In the summer … Continue reading

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So earlier I asked my followers on twitter what makes them feel grounded as a person. The responses I got were; project/goals that you set yourself, significant others and friends. You know what makes me feel grounded as a person, … Continue reading

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Bit of rough

I’ve been suffering from a case of bloggers block recently, I have so many ideas written down but have been struggling to actually finish them so I showed twitter a picture of all the half written blog posts in my … Continue reading

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