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Am I Sexy?

I was first inspired to write this post after reading Molly’s post Something Sexy way back in April. I think it’s a well written body positive post in which she concluded that’s “I am sexy because I am me”  Molly … Continue reading

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There’s Always Something

“Sometime’s we don’t do the things we want to do so that others wont know we want to do them.”* Sometimes people don’t do the things for you that they do for other people. It messes with your head, it … Continue reading

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Change The Subject

I am sick of talking about men! At work I am on a team with two other girls and all we talk about is their boyfriends and relationship issues. It’s really starting to bug me. One flips out on her … Continue reading

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The Wrong Guys

Have you ever had that sudden realisation of where you have been going wrong for so many years?! I am talking about relationships, mine in particular. I seem to have this amazing ability to choose guys that are completely unattainable … Continue reading

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I Fancy You – Updated

If you follow me on twitter @CharlieInThe you will have seen me talk about Hot Work Guy. Obviously he’s a guy I work with and I really REALLY like him. I’ve been agonising over if I should tell him how … Continue reading

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