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The Quiet Barman – One Night At Oswald’s

This story was written by Frank Allen as a companion piece for my story The Bored Waitress. I hope you enjoy it. Rob had been working at the bar for a couple of nights now and was starting to find … Continue reading

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The Bored Waitress – One Night At Oswald’s

I’ve always love working in Oswald’s, the staff are fun to work with, the music is always good and the customers are of a higher calibre than some of the other dive bars I’ve worked in in this city. And … Continue reading

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One Night At Oswald’s – An Erotic Series

“Oswald’s was a cool little bar hidden away in the basement of one of the oldest buildings in the city… The vaulted stone ceiling, the rich magenta walls covered in a random mix of vintage gig posters and old pictures … Continue reading

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Words: A Writing Challenge – The Adventure’s of Gumdrop

When Exhibit A set his writing challenge to produce an erotic story using one of the words from Jade A. Waters list of favourite words as a prompt, I was pretty excited. I’ve been struggling for story ideas lately and … Continue reading

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Lord Of The Rings #EuphOff

The lovely Jane over at Behind The Chintz Curtain has created a meme where she challenges people to write a short piece of erotic fiction using as many bad euphemisms as possible. To view all the stories click here, some of … Continue reading

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Valentine’s Day

When Dean sat me down for coffee that afternoon I really didn’t see it coming. He said the usual clichéd stuff I had heard many times before, it’s not you it’s me; we are both in different places in our … Continue reading

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