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The End – #WickedWednesday

This is the end, beautiful friend This is the end, my only friend, the end Of our elaborate plans, the end Of everything that stands, the end No safety or surprise, the end I’ll never look into your eyes, again … Continue reading

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My Epiphany – #WickedWednesday

And all those things I didn’t say Wrecking balls inside my brain I will scream them loud tonight Can you hear my voice this time? This is my fight song Take back my life song Prove I’m alright song My … Continue reading

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There is no point – #SinfulSunday

There is no point in trying to explain how I am feeling at the moment, I’ve said those words many times before and still nothing changes. So here’s a picture of my breasts. To view everyone else’s contributions, just click … Continue reading

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On Envy

Jealousy is that unpleasant emotion you feel when you think someone’s trying to take what’s yours. Envy is wanting what someone else has and resenting them for having it. People normally use the words envy and jealously to convey the … Continue reading

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Brain Dump (2nd Birthday)

Today is the 2nd birthday of this blog.  I’ve been wondering for a while what special thing I could do to celebrate it and honestly I was/am completely stumped for ideas so as I’ve been away from the blog for … Continue reading

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Guest Post : Depression Vs The Big Boss by @grohlmrs

Here we have the second of the guest posts I am hosting for my blog holiday. Please welcome @grohlmrs who normally writes over at dragonstuff.wordpress.com. Please leave a comment to let her know what you think.  Good afternoon, its lovely … Continue reading

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Exterminate – #SinfulSunday

Have another not so good week mental health wise I have decided that I really need to start changing the way I think. As I am a bit of a Doctor Who geek I have decided to take a hint … Continue reading

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