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From Above – #SinfulSunday

You are standing next to the bed, looking down on me. What do you focus on first? The mouth you love to be wrapped about your cock or the breasts that you love to play with?

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Simple Pleasures – #SinfulSunday

For the past 5 years I have lived in houses without central heating, they had electric heaters instead and as I’ve also been pretty skint that means I could never afford to turn them on. I have spent the past … Continue reading

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Come And Get It – #SinfulSunday

I have been crazy But that’s just alright, I have been lonely But that’s just alright, My feelings I don’t Hide them, Inside they keep on Burning, Your feelings you shouldn’t Hide them, From me… Come and get it if … Continue reading

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Look Around Your World – #SinfulSunday

Look around your world, pretty baby Is it everything you’d hoped it’d be? The wrong guy, the wrong situation The right time to roll to me And look into your heart, pretty baby Is it aching with some nameless need? … Continue reading

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There is no point – #SinfulSunday

There is no point in trying to explain how I am feeling at the moment, I’ve said those words many times before and still nothing changes. So here’s a picture of my breasts. To view everyone else’s contributions, just click … Continue reading

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The One Part I Love – #SinfulSunday

My last few #sinfulsunday images have been very emotional, all about depression and loneliness. Following on from my Am I Sexy? post, this week I decided to mix it up a bit and do something a bit more positive and … Continue reading

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Colourful Emotions – #SinfulSunday

After feeling grey for quite a while the colour is slowly filtering back in and it has made me realised there was colour in my life before, in all the emotions I was feeling. Waiting for you was turning me … Continue reading

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Wanting More – #SinfulSunday

Looking at the marks on my body from the night before has left me wanting more. To see everyone else being sinful this week just click on the lips below.

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Play With Them – #SinfulSunday

Lick them, pinch them, suck them, tease them, bite them. Play with my nipples and I will instantly get wet. Play with my nipples while your fingers are inside me or your tongue is on my clit and I will … Continue reading

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Acceptable In The 80’s – #SinfulSunday

The original of this picture is one I sent to The Dark Mountain last summer when I woke up really horny and the light was streaming through my window landing perfectly on my breasts. The editing I’ve done on this … Continue reading

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Losing A Sense – #SinfulSunday

Taking away one sense heightens the others, that what he tells me anyway. I don’t believe him. He ties the blindfold around my head, tells me to lay back on the bed and not to move, he will be right … Continue reading

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Being Ill

*contains boob* I absolutely hate being ill like I am at the moment. I can’t go to work because walking around in the cold for 5 hours will only make me worse. I can’t write anything to taxing because my … Continue reading

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