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Brain Dump (2nd Birthday)

Today is the 2nd birthday of this blog.  I’ve been wondering for a while what special thing I could do to celebrate it and honestly I was/am completely stumped for ideas so as I’ve been away from the blog for … Continue reading

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It Will Be Sunny One Day

Depression is a strange thing, you can be relatively happy, plodding along with life when suddenly something triggers you to spiral back into the black hole you have been so desperately trying to avoid.  I’ve been pretty ok the past … Continue reading

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My Everest

So after a month long blogging break. Well apart from my two #SinfulSunday post’s Your Mark and My Favourite Place oh and my SinfulStories 2 competition entry Your Turn but they don’t really count, do they? I am back and … Continue reading

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Sex And The Fear

The thought of having sex is giving me a big case of The Fear Let me explain, I have a week off work next week and on one of the evenings I have arranged to go visit a guy and … Continue reading

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Body Shaming Myself

This post started as something completely different about how I’m not like your average girl but that was all a bit cliche so it has changed into something else. I am not a girly girl in any way. I never … Continue reading

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Anxiety Girl

People find it hard to believe that I have anxiety issues because of my job, I’m a charity fundraiser, so everyday i knock on strangers door and talk to them about the charity, hoping they will sign up. I can … Continue reading

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