One Night At Oswald’s – An Erotic Series

“Oswald’s was a cool little bar hidden away in the basement of one of the oldest buildings in the city…
The vaulted stone ceiling, the rich magenta walls covered in a random mix of vintage gig posters and old pictures of the city. The oak booths, aged from years of use, still line the walls with the mini jukeboxes filled with an eclectic range of music from the 50’s and 60’s.”

In February I wrote an erotic short story called Valentine’s Day, basically it’s a story about a once shy and introverted girl who gets dumped on Valentine’s Day and goes to drown her sorrows in her favourite bar called Oswald’s. While there she bumps into the man who she once loved and had the most amazing, liberating sexual experiences with. They share a drink and she reminisces about the first night she spent with him in this particular bar 6 years ago.
Rereading the story this week got me thinking and I love the idea of a series of slightly interlinking erotic stories all based around this one night in Oswald’s. 

There are so many different sexy stories that can be told from the points of view of many different characters, the people working at the bar, the members of the band, all the other patrons. So that’s what I’m going to do to. 

I will try to get a new story in my One Night At Oswald’s series up every two weeks or so. I hope you enjoy them.

If anyone wants to join in and write a story for this series too please feel free, just make sure you send me a link to the story and I’ll share it here.

Valentine’s Day

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