Guest Posts

08/10/14 – Guest Writers Wanted

29/10/14 – First Time by @lancedangerous

01/11/14 – The Worst Year Of My Life by MummyTries

05/11/14 – Back To The Future? By GRAYMatters

10/11/14 – Every Man Wanks by OffensiveLover

15/11/14 – Always The Other Woman by LauraJaynesAdventures

20/11/14 – Love And Friendship by HornyGeekGirl

24/11/14 – Don’t Let Depression Out-run You by Beth Rees

27/11/14 – A Strange Nostalgia by KiltedWookie

30/11/14 – Cupboards and Boxes by The Scottish One

28/02/2015 – The Club Promoter Part 2 by @FantasySir 

04/07/2015 – The Hook by Timmy Tuttles

11/07/2015 – Depression Vs The Big Boss by The Anxious Dragons Blog

18/07/2015 – He Thought/She Thought by Oleander Plume

25/07/2015 – The Switch by @euclideanpoint


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