10 Weeks 3 Days – #SinfulSunday

10 weeks and 3 days!

That is how long I have until I fly to the wonderful world of Oz.

In January I set up a GoFund Me page asking for some help, it was a big decision to ask for help with something that means so much to me. I originally set the goal to £250 not thinking I would ever reach it. But thanks to 6 amazing,  incredibly generous people I have exceeded that target. I did say that if I reached my target I would do a travel themed Sinful Sunday and this is the best I could come up with.



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27 Responses to 10 Weeks 3 Days – #SinfulSunday

  1. You’ll need lots of sunscreen if you are travelling like that! 😉

  2. mmalflic says:

    Enjoy your trip. For the first time ever a backpack suddenly seems sexy.

  3. That is, without question, one of the best images I have ever seen.

  4. xxavgjoe says:

    I’m really pleased you’re doing so well. That’s a great image and you look very sexy. I wish you the best with your travels xx

  5. always so lovely when you join in, i am excited for your trip!!!

  6. LOVE it !!! . . . Travelling light I see !!!
    Have a wonderful journey . . . and be careful “downunder” !!!
    Xxx – K

  7. I hope you know by now just how fond I am of seeing you in the altogether. Or clothed. You are so sexy. I hope you have a wonderful trip!

  8. Molly says:

    This is the best you could come up with? Don’t talk yourself down Miss Charlie because wow this is an absolutely cracking shot. I love the way the straps seem to cup your breasts like they were meant for that purpose and your stance is so strong and bold.


  9. Sweetendirty says:

    If only it were legal to travel like that. It makes me sad that nudity is such a taboo.

  10. mariasibylla says:

    This is fantastic!! You look absolutely fierce and gorgeous and ready for adventure! I know you’re not continuing this blog in Oz but would be great to see what your creative mind does with Sinful Sunday down under. 🙂

  11. becknoire says:

    Congrats on reaching your goal. Have safe and fun travels.

  12. gorgeous body x have fun on your travels x

  13. sub-Bee says:

    Oh that’s brilliant! If you’re travelling like that I don’t think you need the bag at all 😉

  14. Glad to see your coming to my neck of the woods. We have wonderful campsites and hiking trails along the river and lake. You look well prepared.

  15. OMG Charlie, you are f***ing gorgeous (excuse my French). Stunning image!

    Rebel xox

  16. what am i doing wrongggggg please help me goddess


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