The Very Best Of 2015

Well 2015 you have been one hell of a year.

The decision to stop blogging has been one of the biggest/hardest things I think I’ve ever decided to do. There has been a lot of good times, a lot of bad times and just a small amount of sexy times. I will miss it immensely but I know the time has come for me to say goodbye. I am so proud to be a part of such an amazingly welcoming, talented, beautiful and diverse community.

As of 2016 there will be no new posts from me, I’m still not sure if there will be any more posts after this one.


As the year begins to draw to a close a lot of bloggers have started doing their “top bloggers of the year” posts. I have never done one of those and I’m not going to do it this year either.

What I have done is create a list with all of my favourite blog posts of 2015 by other bloggers.

I’ve been compiling this list all year, I’m sure there are a lot more posts I could of included but as this list has 101 posts I thought that was more than enough.

I have broken the posts down into vague categories. So if over this holiday period you find yourself a little bored then please scroll through this list and enjoy some incredibly amazing writing!

Opinion Pieces

Verbal Limits by Exhibit Unadorned

Bully For You by Molly’s Daily Kiss

Body Image Random Friday Thoughts by Exhibit Unadorned

Sex Playlist by Girl On The Net

Giving Head by Exhibit Unadorned

040903 by Exhibit Unadorned

Depression Isn’t Just Feeling Sad by The Anxious Dragons Blog

On Cheating by Exhibit Unadorned

A Girls Guide To Growing Up by Malin James

Wax On, Wax Off by The Other Livvy

On Changing My Mind by Exhibit Unadorned

Things I Do That Are Sexist by Girl On The Net

Reflections On The Make Nude by Exposing 40

No Chance Of Getting Sponsored by Abbi Rode

I’ll Happily Pay by Abbi Rode

Cock A Doodle Do by Happy Come Lucky

On Filth by Malin James

Size Doesn’t Matter by Exhibit Unadorned

Being Photographed And Revealing Vunerabilities  by Exposing 40

Sex And The Post Birth Vagina by Behind The Chintz Curtain

Yes You Can Run An Annoymous Blog  And Still Be Accountable by Girl On The Net

In Africa by Exposing 40

Writing The Ones You Loved – Consent In Sex Writing by Ella Dawson

The Whole Picture By Exposing 40

Wicked Wednesday

A Date With My Past by Exposing 40

Monogamy by Miss Scarlet Writes

Non-Monogamy by Horny Geek Girl

Four Love by Molly’s Daily Kiss

I Did It My Way by Rebels Notes

Two by Horny Geek Girl

Under Covers by A Sub To Bee

Chance Meeting With Ex Boyfriends by Girl On The Net

He’s My Happy Place by Rebels Notes

Sinful Sunday

Airport Hotels by Exhibit Unadorned

Coming Pretty by Happy Come Lucky

Who Am I? What Am I? By Happy Come Lucky

Lather, Rinse, Repeat by Frisky In The 916

Landscape by Exposing 40

Pearls, Mirror, Lipstick by Maria Opens Up

Feast by Understanding Flutterby

Look At Me Now by Exposing 40

True Identities by Happy Come Lucky

Reflections by Exposing 40

Bring On The Men by Exposing 40

Little Black Dress by Malin James

Come Into The Library by The Other Livvy

On The Outside Looking In by Kilted Wookie

Wax Field by Cammies On The Floor

Bound by Maria Opens Up

Is It Hate? Am I A Fraud? By Happy Come Lucky

A Sari State Of Affairs by Exposing 40

For Sir by A To Sub Bee

Autumn Grace by Molly’s Daily Kiss

Looking Down by Kilted Wookie

May The Force Be With You by Exposing 40

As I Grow Older by Exposing 40

The Ink by Maria Opens Up

Real Life Sex

Not So Busy Toilet Wank by Innocent Lover Boy

Finally Dawn by Sweet Woman Dirty Mind

30 Hours In Amsterdam By Exhibit Unadorned

Breathe In Breath Play By Girl On The Net

Good Vibrations By The Other Livvy

The Theatre Producer by Bangs And Whimpers

Taking Myself In Hand By Kilted Wookie

Erections, Nostalgia And Arcade Machines By Girl On The Net

Top Three Post Sex Breakfasts By Girl On The Net

The Escort By Abbi Rode

Airport Sex – Well Almost By Abbi Rode

I’d Never Owned A Sex Toy Before Untill Now By Girl On The Net

Faster By Lady Laid Bare

Halloween Car Fuck by Abbi Rode

Erotic Fiction

Coming Pretty By Malin James

Under A Blue Sky By Kilted Wookie

What The Butler Saw By An Erotic Adventure

He Thought, She Thought By Oleander Plume

Sinners and Saints By L. Marretta

Night Visions By Exhibit Unadorned

She Does Not Mean What She Wants To Say By Maria Opens Up

Extra Service By Kilted Wookie

Eclipse By Exhibit Unadorned

Good Morning By Malin James

Sybil’s Kink By Malin James


Journal Entry – Brooklyn By Ella Dawson

Hollow Places By Malin James

Here Comes The Sun By Abbi Rode

Cut Vs Uncut By Abbi Rode

Relationships And That Sex Business By Busty The Wench

The Heroes Interviews – The Best Friend By Ella Dawson

Read Some Awesome Books By Women By Girl On The Net

Hotel Porn By Exposing 40

You Inspired Today’s Blog By Lil Miss Shalla

Not A Time For Quiet By Show Me You

Time Give Up And Start Winning By Abbi Rode

Love City By Molly’s Daily Kiss

Fuck It By Malin James

I Just Can’t Do Sinful Sunday By Girl On The Net

My Dads Lesson By A Pheasant Plucker

Letter for Him By K1 Kat

Rub A Dub Dub By Molly’s Daily Kiss

Take A Look At Me Now By The Other Livvy

Lips Like Cherry Wine By Molly’s Daily Kiss

Of course I can’t have a round up of my favourite blog posts this year without including a few of my own.

Valentine’s Day

Lord Of The Rings #EuphOff 

This Is Me


23 Minutes Of Play


Watching You, Watching Me?

Goodbye My Not So Old Friend

Teen Spirit

Simple Pleasures

From Above

Much love and I’m sure I’ll see you around.

Charlie x





 *I have added this to Wicked Wednesday week 186*


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14 Responses to The Very Best Of 2015

  1. lmaretta says:

    Wow! Thanks for including my story, Charlie! Xoxo

  2. Malin James says:

    Charlie, thank you so much! I was sad to hear that you won’t be blogging anymore though, in the end, the decision to do what’s right for yourself is *always* the right one. You are a lovely woman and an excellent writer. No matter what happens, that’s as clear as day. Many, many hugs to you (and thank you, again). xxx

  3. bustythewench says:

    Thank you for including my post!
    I’m going to miss your blog so very much xx

  4. mariasibylla says:

    Wow Charlie, Thanks so much for including my posts in your list! I’m really flattered to be in such fantastic company and thrilled that you chose the posts of mine that were also my favorite this year 🙂

  5. Exposing40 says:

    Ah, thanks so much for linking to my posts! So interesting to see what people like the most. And good to see some of my favourites from other people appearing on the list. Sorry to see you giving up blogging here, but fully expect you to have a kick ass travel blog come May. Xx

  6. Molly says:

    Thank you so much for the mentions, this is a GREAT list full of fabulous writing


  7. misfiery says:

    Thank you so much for including me! I feel honored to be among such company.
    Your blog has been one of my favorites! I wish you well.

  8. Wet Bliss says:

    I’m sad cause I just found your site, yet I’m thankful for this super awesome post of yours introducing others! I look forward to browsing through more of your posts, so I hope you leave it in tact. Best of luck to you in the New Year! 😉

  9. Thank you for the mentions, dear Charlie, and I really have to say this again: I’m so sorry you’re stopping with blogging. I’m going to miss you! But, I wish you so much love and happiness for the future. Do what your heart tells you to do! Take good care of yourself!

    Rebel xox

  10. Thanks for including me Charlie!
    You will be missed

  11. I like that the one of mine you chose is one inspired by you! It’s a circle!

  12. I think you are brilliant for doing this. I am going to miss your blogging so much.

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