Sinful Sketches

When I was younger I use to absolutely love drawing and painting. I don’t think I was ever particularly good at it but I didn’t care, it was what I did to calm myself down, to take my mind off my troubles. Being creative was my happy place.

I haven’t done anything particularly arty for many years, I think that’s why I enjoy joining in with #SinfulSunday so much because it helps me be creative, viewing everyone else’s contributions inspires me so much. I especially enjoy the prompt weeks because it pushes me even more to be original with my ideas and to improve my photography skills.

I still miss drawing though and that’s why a few weeks ago I had an idea that would combine my love of #SinfulSundays and my love of drawing.

I have never been that good at drawing the human form and as I don’t have anyone I could actually use to model for me, I decided that I would sketch some peoples #SinfulSunday pictures to help me practise and get back into the swing of it again.

As I am someone who will always be over critical of myself, I thought I would share my sketches with you all to get your honest opinion’s.¬†Please bear in mind I am very out of practise!

These are the only two I have finished so far, there will be more to come.

Just so you know if I want to use your image and publish the sketch on here I will ask your permission first and link to the original post, just like I have done with these two

Lazy Weekday Afternoons



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1 Response to Sinful Sketches

  1. Lovely sketches! I took up my art again a couple of years ago, but now almost two years ago I stopped, in favor of writing. This coming weekend I will finally get rid of my easel and the canvases that are still in the plastic. And maybe one day I will finish the two paintings that are halfway done. I found that the more I painted, the better it got. Keep on practicing, because you really have talent ūüôā

    Rebel xox

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