Simple Pleasures – #SinfulSunday

For the past 5 years I have lived in houses without central heating, they had electric heaters instead and as I’ve also been pretty skint that means I could never afford to turn them on. I have spent the past 5 winters freezing my arse off under layers and layers of clothing, one of the houses I lived in was that cold you could see your breath!

Which had always made taking nude pictures a bit of an irritation because I would never want to get colder. The only good thing about it was that my nipples would always be hard and I think that definitely adds a little extra something to pictures.

However my new house has central heating and tonight was the first night we put it on. It’s been glorious and a simple life pleasure that many people take for granted.

Saturday was actually a day of simple pleasures.

It started with going out for brunch with my housemate then we came home, put the heating on and chilled out. Ending the night by ordering a takeaway, opening a few cans of cider, planning our trip to Australia and watching films.

Also I bought a new bra that actually fits me, which has to be one of the simpliest and best confidence boosting pleasures.

I’ve never been one to buy into the whole “wearing sexy underwear makes you feel sexier” thing, I am however now converted to the idea that wearing underwear that fits you and enhances your shape makes you feel so much sexier.

As soon as I put the bra on under my clothes I couldn’t stop myself from constantly looking down at this uplifted cleavage.

To to view everyone else’s simple pleasures this week just click on the lips below.


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  1. kram1224 says:


    Great photo and it looks great on you.

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