The Quiet Barman – One Night At Oswald’s

This story was written by Frank Allen as a companion piece for my story The Bored Waitress. I hope you enjoy it.

Rob had been working at the bar for a couple of nights now and was starting to find his way around.

Oswald’s was different from other bars he’d worked in. It had been the most careful interview process he’d ever had to do for bar work, meeting many of the staff and even some of the (presumably most important) customers. He’d been photographed too. Obviously they wanted more than bar skills from the staff, and more than money from the customers. It felt almost like an exclusive club, for people on both sides of the bar.

Now that he’d been in a couple of days, he was getting to know his way around both the customers and his co-workers. He liked the place and the work, but a fresh round of beautiful barmaids to work through was uppermost in his mind.

Looking the way he did, he’d never had to work too hard for women, and in every bar he worked in he’d usually have worked his way round the staff within the first couple of weeks. The strong, silent thing was obviously a winner and he found the more he kept his mouth shut, and didn’t chase, the better he did.

But this time was different. There was one girl, and only one girl he wanted. He’d only been here two days but already he was wondering how to change his shifts to spend more time with Melanie.

She wasn’t the most beautiful girl he’d ever seen, or even the hottest body, but there was something about her that screamed at him that the sex would be amazing. Something indefinable in her eyes, or the way she walked. Right from the start he’d found himself positioning himself behind the bar to look at her ass as she bent over, he enjoyed the shape of her back and her breasts as she reached up high.

He wasn’t sure yet if he’d ben caught looking, but so far his usual approach of ignoring everything wasn’t working. She seemed to be wrapped up in one of the customers, and he didn’t know how to get her attention without begging for it.

She was working with him tonight though, so hopefully he’d have a chance to talk to her The bar was busy enough that there were lots of staff on. Perhaps he could arrange to have their breaks together and slip away. He just had to hope the customer didn’t…

Damn. He had just walked in, but unusually he has a girl with him and seemed to be pretty focussed on her. Perhaps tonight really was his chance to finally make an impression on Melanie.

He watched her as she worked, and felt himself harden as he thought about her naked body. He’d thought about her so much, he genuinely wasn’t sure he could handle actually touching her, just seeing her naked for him would probably be enough.

She looked round and smiled and he felt his face flush.

“I’m heading into the backroom”, she called over the noise of the crowd.

He nodded and turned back to the girl he was serving.

As she walked away he looked back quickly enough to watch her walk away, heels clicking on the floor, her incredible ass moving side to side. He wondered if she was wearing underwear. She seemed catlike, every movement precise and sleek. Why couldn’t he get her out of his mind?

As he counted out change, lost in a daydream, he heard her call from the back room.

“Rob, can you help me with something?”

He put closed the till immediately and almost ran to the door, before remembering himself and stopping, making sure his hair was ok before nonchalantly opening the door.

The room was dark and as he looked around trying to find her in the gloom, he caught a flash of something white and turned.

She was sitting on a crate. Her blouse was open and she had no bra on. Her breasts proud, her nipples hard. He couldn’t find the words. At first, foolishly, he thought she’d had some kind of wardrobe accident and he was going to have to play it cool while he helped her cover up, but as his eyes travelled down her body he realised her skirt was round her waist, the white flash he had seen was her underwear round her ankle, and her legs were wide apart.

And she was touching herself.

Her left hand up, playing with her right breast, teasing at her nipple. Her right hand down between her legs, stroking gently but firmly at her clit.

He was transfixed. The movement of her hand between her legs was hypnotic, slow small circles. His cock felt heavy and massive, straining against his clothes. She started to slide her fingers in and out of her glistening wet pussy.


The sound made its way into his fully occupied brain.


He looked up, straight into her eyes, ashamed of how out of his depth he felt.

“Are you just going to stand there or are you going to come over here and give me a hand?”

Rob walked forward slowly, still unsure if this was a joke or if his dreams really had come true. He stopped between her legs and looked down. Her naked breasts were everything they’d promised clothed and he reach down to take both in his hands.

Slowly, with all the reserve he could manage, his head lowered to begin sucking hungrily on one nipple.

That was it. She let him touch her and knew now it wasn’t a stunt. Whatever else happened after this, he was going to fuck her. Now before she changed her mind. He needed to be inside her. He was going to feel her cum on his cock first and then look straight into her eyes when he came himself.

He stood up and began to kiss her, one hand fumbling at his belt. His trousers hit the ground and he gripped his cock hard, ready to slide in.

Suddenly she pushed him away and for a moment he thought he’d been fooled after all. But she pulled up his shirt and lingered on his chest a moment, then reach behind her for a condom. Rob watched her face as he unrolled the rubber and he knew she wanted this as badly as he did. Finally he was able to drop his act and let her see how badly he wanted her.

He teased her at first, sliding over her wet pussy, delaying the moment he’d be inside her. And when finally he did slide in, he thought he’d cum right there and then. Slowly, carefully, moving inside her, until she was begging for more. Harder, faster.

She was close, he could feel it, and Rob wanted so bad to feel her cum so as he began to kiss her, he started to go harder. Deeper. He could feel his balls against her, and her breasts moving against his chest. He could smell her sex through her perfume and hear every breath and sigh.

He was absolutely lost.

The orgasm started to build inside him and he knew he was past the point of no return. All he could do was hope to hang on long enough to take her over the edge, or it was going to be an embarrassing a night.

He was aware of her hand moving from round his neck down between her legs and as she started to play while he fucked her, just the thought of that was enough to send him over the edge.

Just before his orgasm hit, he heard her breath change and felt her tighten around him, she came loud and hard, her mouth pressed against his ear and then, finally, so did he. Finishing together in a symphony of groans and grunts, sighs and spasms.

Her hand was back around his neck and he stood like that, still inside her, arms wrapped around each other, for what seemed like hours. He didn’t want it to end. Didn’t want it to be just a quick fuck in the back room, and as they finally released each other and began to pick up their clothes, he wondered whether this would be it. If he’d ever get to touch her again, to taste her or feel her mouth on his cock.

Melanie started to walk out the door, and he decided suddenly to risk it. he grabbed her arms and pushed her against the door, kissing her with everything he had.

“That was just a warm up, I want you to come home with me so we can take our time”.

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  1. bigmissnaughty says:

    fantastic – love his side of the story
    BMN x

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