The Bored Waitress – One Night At Oswald’s

I’ve always love working in Oswald’s, the staff are fun to work with, the music is always good and the customers are of a higher calibre than some of the other dive bars I’ve worked in in this city. And by higher calibre I mean that they are usually gorgeous, reasonably well off and know exactly how to treat a young lady like me.

Sadly tonight the man I normally spend my night flirting with has a girl with him that for once actually holds his attention. He doesn’t even look up when I place their cocktails in front of them making sure he would have a good view down my blouse. Which frustrates me, I need a release.

Flirting with and sometimes sleeping with the customers just isn’t enough anymore, it’s too boring and way too easy.

I’ve think found myself a new target in the new bartender, Rob. He started at the bar two nights ago and even though he is very quiet he has already made an impact on me and a wet spot on my knickers every time I look at him. Maybe it’s the fact that he’s different from the other guys that I’ve met before, he’s doesn’t ogle at my boobs or try to come on to me. He’s an enigma to me and that couldn’t be a bigger turn on. It could also be that he is extremely tall, I love to be towered over by a man, his big rough hands running along my body or it could be his strong tattooed arms, picturing them pinning me down on a bed or it could be the big cock that I think he has from the outline that I’ve briefly seen through his trousers.

It was time to have some fun with the new boy.

I go into the back room, get myself ready and then call through the door for Rob to come and help me move some barrels.

The door slowly opens as he steps in, looking around the messy box filled room, he spots me perched on top of a crate of beer. My black blouse is open exposing my breasts, rose budded nipples standing to attention. My skirt is pulled up around my waist, my knickers down by my ankles. One of my hands caressing my breasts and pinching at my nipples while the other was circling my clit making the juices start to flow out of my already aching pussy.

Rob stands there completely dumb struck, his mouth gaping open and the outline of his hardening cock starting to show in his loose black trousers.

He is transfixed watching my fingers dipping slowing in and out my pussy, my fingers glistening.


His head snaps up and he looks me in the eye suddenly looking very bashful.

“Are you just going to stand there or are you going to come over here and give me a hand?”

Tentatively he steps forward until he is stood between my open legs. He dips his head down to capture one of my nipples in this warm mouth making a loud gasp escape my lips as he bites down. He releases my nipple, puts one of his hands in my hair and pulls me in for a heart stopping kiss, his lips crushing against mine as if fearing what would happen if we broke apart. Meanwhile his other hand undoes his belt and trousers, dropping them to the floor with a thud, he isn’t wearing any boxers so his beautiful uncut cock now unhindered by his trousers stands to full attention, the end just starting to glisten with pre cum as he pumps it slowly in his hand.

I push him away breaking our kiss and pull his shirt over his head letting me see this muscly chest for the first time. I couldn’t help but run my hands all over it feeling every firm contour. I lean behind me and grab the condom from on top of a box and pass it to him. I watch as he rips the wrapper open and unrolls it down his thick long cock, licking my lips with anticipation.

I scoot myself into position on the edge of the beer crate and wrapped my legs around him pulling him closer, he ever so slowly ran his cock along my soaking wet pussy making me tremble, he stops at my entrance and in one fluid motion pushes his entire length in. Fuck me it felt good to have this magnificent man between my legs stretching me.

The noises from outside filtered in, the band in full swing, people chatting, the occasional clink of a glass but all that disappears as soon as he is inside me.

In here all that could be heard was the buzz of the fluorescent light above us, the bottles in the crate under my arse rattling and the wetness of my pussy with every powerful thrust of his. He thrusts slowly at first teasing me with every inch of his cock until I am gasping and begging him to fuck me harder and faster.

Our lips were locked again as he pounds into me, my hand moves to play with my clit and that was what I needed to push me over the edge, I cum so hard, my pussy clenching around his cock and gushing my juices all over us, which in turn made him cum, with a grunt and one final thrust he explodes. Pulling me into a bear hug, we stay wrapped up in each other until our breathing returns to normal.

Slowly we untangle our limbs, straighten our clothes and start to head out of the door back to the reality of the bar. Suddenly Rob grabs my arm and presses me against the door frame for one last breathtaking kiss.

He then whispers to me “that was just a warm up, you are coming back to mine after work so I can take my time with you”

My knees nearly buckled at the thought of it and with that passing comment he leaves to return to work.

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8 Responses to The Bored Waitress – One Night At Oswald’s

  1. bigmissnaughty says:

    that’s fantastic – she saw what she wanted and got so much more
    BMN x

  2. Quite an adventurous erotica. I love to fantasize such situation when I seduce a guy or a girl and take into it.

  3. kittykat says:

    Oooooh! I loved this Charlie! So, so, so hot!

  4. You’re such a talented writer. Having read this after checking out your Sinful Sunday it’s a given that you’re now on my mind. Might have to give this story a re-read. 🙂

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