Watching You, Watching Me?

Recently I received an email titled “What Happens When I Look At Your Pictures”.
This is that email.

This is a true story.

It started with a retweet. A friend of mine had RTed a post from someone on twitter. Cryptically all it said was that there was a “protected post” about a realisation and the password was available via DM.

I’ve had a couple of fairly big realisations myself lately and so I was curious to understand what had been ‘realised’. Curious to understand why it was protected. Curious, I admit, to see whether it was anything that might turn me on.

After a bit of technical to-ing and fro-ing to get the password I clicked the link and began to read.

I was not disappointed.

The words were strong and brave and beautiful to read. This lady had decided not to be ashamed of her own body any more and to accept it for what it was, all the good parts and bad parts. This is something I’ve struggled with and continue to do so, so the post made me happy for her.

At the bottom of the post, however, was a picture.

The lady in the picture was naked, leaning against a wall, apparently on holiday, and she was strong and brave and beautiful too. I looked at the picture a long time, and as I studied her body, my thoughts bounced back and forth between admiration and desire.

I’ve learned that DMs on twitter are often unwelcome for women, and are too often abused by men too ashamed to say things in public, but I took the risk and DMed her to let her know the way her picture and words had made me feel. At first I just talked about how the words and picture had made my heart feel, but I couldn’t resist dropping a not-so-subtle hint at how sexy the picture had been. I worried about crossing a line but her reaction was positive and she suggested there were more on her blog.

I went off immediately to look and read through several short stories, feeling myself more and more excited by her words. Then I realised the pictures were under a different section and begin to browse those.

When I started, I was calm, feeling a flutter in my stomach. By the end, I was naked, helpless on my knees, pumping my cock harder and harder until I came.
Perhaps you’d like to know how I got there.

All the pictures were sexy and exciting but three in particular shape the road from interest to ecstasy.

1. The first was titled “Play With Them”.

I *love* going down on a woman. I’d do it all day if I could, and if a sexual encounter does not involve it I am unsatisfied. I love to reach up, hands snaking across her belly, up, up towards her breasts and to tease her nipples. I’ve no idea whether its a thing any of my partners have particularly enjoyed, or just accepted, but I can’t help myself. Cunnilingus is a full body experience and with free hands, there are many places to touch and explore.

As I looked back on the first picture from the protected post, and back to the words and picture in “play with them” I started to think about this beautiful woman and how it would feel to kneel at her feet in front of the wall, and to kiss her thighs and her pussy, and to reach up and play with her nipples knowing that it was something she loved and wanted.

I unzipped and started to play.

2. The second was titled “This Is Me“.

There are not many words. In the picture, she stands naked, full frontal toward the camera. Unhidden, seemingly unashamed. I start to play a little harder as I run my eyes down her body. Her hair is tangled and exciting. I think about taking her face in my hands and kissing her, my hands pushing up into her hair to hold her.

I run my hands down the slope of her shoulders, down her arms then onto her waist, her hips, her belly. She is perfectly soft and perfectly smooth and I want to spend hours just touching her skin.

Her breasts are full and firm. I imagine how it would feel to lean down and kiss them, one at a time, my lips peppering tiny kisses all over her breasts. Down the side, under the full curve, before settling on her nipples a while, teasing with my tongue.

I’d stand back up and kiss her again on the lips, her hard nipples against the hair of my chest, as my hands continuing their journey down the sides of her body and round the back to squeeze her bottom. Of course I can’t see it in the picture, but the shape of her thighs give me a clue as to what I would find. Round and soft and full, I briefly consider a small spank, but remember I’ve yet seen no clue that’d something she likes so stick to squeezing, pulling her close to me, kissing her face and neck, feeling her breasts pressed against me.

In my dream, my hand strays down to between her legs, stroking the soft hair of her pussy. In real life I and looking at the picture, and the hair between her legs which is so sexy and seemingly so rare these days and I wish she would sit down and open her legs wide so I could lick and kiss her hot wet pussy.

I strip down and kneel, imagining I am in front of her.

3. The third was titled “…And Relax

There are words there, but I am beyond words. She’s sitting in chair. Her legs are crossed but my imagination does the rest.

In my dream her legs uncross and she looks down at me. I am on my knees but I am not submissive. She opens wide because I want her to. She knows that all I want is her pleasure and I’ll instruct her on the best way to receive it. I am invited in, but I resist and as I kiss my way up the inside of her thighs, she starts to tease herself with a finger.

Her thighs are lovely. As I kiss, I am stroking her soft skin and I work up one side and switch to work up the other. Back and forth, 2 or 3 times, getting closer and closer each time. By the time I reach my destination she is red and swollen and wet and my tongue starts to trace lines around her lips, from bottom to top, occasionally brushing her ass or her clit, but never lingering. She tastes incredible. Sweet and sticky. She is everything I hoped for when I looked so closely at her in “this is me”.

As my hands creep up to stroke and caress her breasts, and play with her nipples, I start to focus my tongue and my attention. A minute or two just teasing her ass, then a while spent probing deeply inside, then a quick dance across her clit, fast and slippery.

My cock is thick and hard in my hand and as the lines blur between the dream and the reality I think about how good it would feel to slide deep into her pussy, or stand and feel her mouth on me but I know I want to stay exactly where I am, and in the dream I slide first one, then two fingers into her. All the while my tongue never lets up.

Her hands are on my head and her eyes are closed, and as my fingers slide in and out, deeper each time my tongue is like lightning, side to side and up and down, sometimes pressing hard sometimes touching lightly. I feel her orgasm build in the dream alongside mine in reality.

As she begins to orgasm, she pulls my head hard towards her and all her muscles contract. I can taste the delicious moment she comes for me and I work my cock harder and harder riding my own wave of pleasure until in one crystal moment with my face buried between her legs I come in a delirious half-dream and slump, spent, my head on her lap, her stroking my hair.

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2 Responses to Watching You, Watching Me?

  1. misfiery says:

    Wow! What a sexy and lovely email. I think I would be rereading it often.

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