Guest Post : The Hook by @timmytuttles

For the month of July I am taking a holiday from blogging so have opened up my blog to a whole host of guest writers.

Hope you enjoy them, please make sure you show your appreciation and leave a comment telling them want you think of their post.

I’ll see you all again in August! 

Charlie x

Today’s post The Hook is by Timmy Tuttles who normally writes over at SexLoveBDSM, make sure to check out his blog.

The Hook


A June evening in New York, I’m striding down second avenue and appreciating the fuck out of the evening light that’s streaming through the city’s cross streets and bathing me in gold as I pass each intersection. The low sun ignites the trees lining these Gramercy sidewalks with a vibrant luminescence. The people in front of me burst into colour as they hustle over the next crossing, their faces and bodies glowing as they catch the setting sun. Ahead of us the die-straight avenue stretches almost as far as the eye can see, until it is lost amongst the twinkling skyscrapers of downtown.

“Hot town. Summer in the city. Got a second date and she’s dirty and pretty!”


I meet her outside the Cooper Union. Her lipstick is bright red, gorgeously slutty, and quickly transferred to my lips.

We eat Yakitori in a semi authentic basement place just off St Marks. I try chicken hearts for the first time and although they are not terrible they are kind of tough and weirdly textured and unlikely to be a major part of my diet in the future.

She makes me laugh, I make her laugh, it’s generally a good time.


Back at my apartment she goads me with her hands and lips. After the fun we had on our first date I know I can push her this time. She is feminist, fit, and feisty, and I’m not afraid of her keeping quiet when she should speak her mind, her fears, or her limits.

I strip her of her clothes and lead her to the bed, grasping that dense frizzy hair.

I take my time tying her up, I know we have all evening. Wrists together, ankles together, knees together, a rope harness around her chest. She crouches on my bed on all fours, her hands tied to the metal framework at one end, and more taught lengths of rope secure her legs in place at the other. White sheets crumple around her knees and elbows, a fixed and helpless body in a sea of chaotic cotton.

“You’re mine now slut.”

I flog her to prove my point.


Earlier she had described her attempt to organise a threesome with two guys. She had been frustrated when neither of them could get it up and they struggled to manage single penetration let alone hit the double she had been hoping for.

I have a cunning plan of my own however…

Her blindfold means she can’t see what I’m brandishing; it’s a long thin and hook-shaped piece of metal, a ring at one end and a solid metal ball at the other. They call it an ‘anal hook’ and it’s going inside her one way or another.

I run the cold metal ball down her back so she knows what’s coming, then rub it up and down between her legs to warm it a little. A little push, a little resistance, and then it’s in. She grunts tensely, I check in and give her a moment to adjust.

Next I run rope through the hook’s ring and up to the top of my bed, I pass it around the metal rail of my bedstead and tie it into her harness. As the rope tightens the hook is forced deeper and deeper inside her body. Now all her jerks, wriggles, and involuntary movements will be transmitted down to that single stoic ball in her ass.

She is hooked, and that’s just how I want her.

I think it’s time to administer a spanking.

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