Charlie’s Ultimate Summer Playlist Competition – The Winners!

First of all I must apologise for taking so long in announcing the winners of my Ultimate Summer Playlist Competition, I had so many brilliant entries and I’ve really struggled with picking the winners.

Secondly I want to say a massive thank you to everyone who shared this competition on Twitter and thank you to all those who entered. I had 11 fantastic entries by 10 wonderful people. 

A special thank you goes to Malin James for providing the prizes as well.
Talking of the prizes, here’s a quick reminder of what they are.

Prize 1 – The Ultimate Guide To Sexual Fantasy by Violet Blue

Prize 2 – Best Women’s Erotica edited by Violet Blue & Hot Highlanders And Wild Warriors edited by Delilah Devlin

Prize 3 – Cowboy Heat edited by Delilah Devlin & Wrapped Around Your Finger by Alison Tyler

1st place will get to choose which they prizes they want, 2nd place will get next pick and 3rd place will have the remaining prize.

Now on to the winners. 

Out of the 11 entries I managed to narrow it down to 6 last week. Having another read of all the stories today I got it down to 4 and I have to say I’m annoyed with myself for not having 4 prizes because I really didn’t want to have to drop one of them but I’ve only got three prizes so I want to apologies to Maria Sibylla, your incredibly hot story Blue Glow came a very close 4th place.

3rd Place – 
Under Blue Sky by Kilted Wookie.

This wonderfully written and incredibly hot story speaks massively to my exhibitionist side. The fact that you don’t know if they other couple are watching makes the story even more tantalising.

2nd Place – Here Comes The Sun by Abbi Cranky

I knew as soon as I read this that it would end up in my top 3. This story about sisterly love is completely different to any of the other entries I received. The fact that the song here comes the sun will always remind Abbi of her sister and their great relationship and she is eventually going to share this with her niece makes me so incredibly happy because this to me is exactly what music is all about.

1st Place – Finally, Dawn by Sweet Woman, Dirty Mind

This lightly fictionalised story about how her and her best friend, who would eventually become her husband, first became lovers is beautiful. The way she works the lyrics of the song into the story so perfectly is the reason why this story is my winner.

So there we go. 

Can the three winners please email me their addresses to and after Sweet Woman Dirty Mind has picked her prize I’ll let the other two know what prizes remain and I’ll get them out to you as soon as I can.

I would just like to say one final massive thank you to everyone who entered. All of your fantastic stories made running this competition so much fun for me, even if picking the winners was a hell of a lot harder than I thought it would be. 

Much love,


And here is the winning story!

Finally, Dawn by Sweet Woman, Dirty Mind

Little darling, it’s been a long cold lonely winter
Felicity slammed the phone down. She drew her knees to her chest, wrapped her arms around her legs and rocked back and forth on the narrow futon. She squeezed her eyes shut and bit her lip to keep from crying.

Chad’s words rang in her ears. “Bitch. You cunt. Stupid, stupid …”

Her face flushed, and she blinked furiously. Damn him! She had every right to be angry, and every reason not to swallow another of his lame excuses.

They were supposed to meet for a Friday night dinner. She’d called him when she arrived home from work only to hear a recording: The number you have dialed has been disconnected.

She’d paced her apartment, taken a long shower, loaded the Beatles into the CD player and heated up some leftovers. Finally, he’d called.

“Uh, I guess you know why I didn’t call earlier.”

“Yeah. Your phone got disconnected again.”

“I’m at Paul’s house. They want $200 to reconnect it. I swear I paid the bill. It must have gotten lost in the …”

“Bullshit, Chad.”


“I said bullshit. This is what … the third time? The mail didn’t lose your check three times. Neither did the phone company. And don’t tell me you just now found the bill behind the TV set three months overdue. You just didn’t bother to pay it.”

She heard him suck in his breath. “You stupid cunt.”

“What did you say?”

“You’re a stupid cunt. You bitch. Why can’t you support me? I can’t get a break, can I? Even my girlfriend treats me like shit. Cunt, you …”

That’s when she’d hung up on him.

The shrill ring of the phone jolted her to her feet. She ripped the power cord from the outlet. NO! Not this time. She wasn’t going to listen to him offer a half-hearted apology. “I wouldn’t call you those names if you didn’t act like such a bitch.”

Thunder rumbled and raindrops splattered against the front window. Goddammit, not again! She slammed it shut as hard as she could. So much for the cool breeze tonight. She felt every nerve burning beneath her skin.

She couldn’t remember the last time she’d seen blue sky. The ominous clouds and lashing rain hadn’t let up for weeks. Would summer ever arrive?

Sun, sun, sun, here it comes

She switched off the stereo. Even her favorite Beatles album couldn’t lighten her mood.

Flopping back down on the futon, she stared at the unplugged phone. Reaching over the armrest, she plugged it back in, lifted the receiver and dialed.


“Hey there. You caught me just in time. I was about to go to bed. I thought you and Chad had a date tonight.”

“We had another fight.”

“Oh shit, sweetie. I’m sorry. Anything I can do?”

“I don’t really want to talk about it. Distract me, please. I’ve been listening to that last mix tape you made me. So many great songs.”

“My Strong Woman mix? That’s you, strong and lovely. Every song on that tape reminds me of you.”

“I don’t feel so strong at the moment.”

“I think that’s when you’re toughest.”

Felicity felt her muscles unknotting. She closed her eyes, soothed by Joshua’s voice. Before long, she was blinking back sleep. “Josh, hon, I’ve gotta go. I’m exhausted.”

“OK. Get some rest, beautiful. Call me tomorrow and let me know how you’re doing.”

Felicity hung up, rose wearily and stumbled into her bedroom. She slithered out of her jeans and collapsed onto the mattress. She fell asleep almost instantly in her panties and T-shirt.

Little darling, the smiles returning to the faces

Little darling, it seems like years since it’s been here

Her face felt hot. Her eyelids pulsed bright red. She must have left the blinds up last night. She buried her face in the pillow and sensed the sun’s warmth on her shoulders. Warm like her best friend Joshua’s voice. She sighed and tossed the blankets away. Sunlight spilled across her torso.

Her eyes flew open. She turned her head to the window. The sun was rising. The sky was clear. A ray of light danced across her pillow.

At last! She smiled. The dawn was bright as Josh’s eyes when he looked at her. Only Chad had ever looked at her that way, but that was a long time ago.

She jolted upright. Everything dawned on her. “Chad lies,” she said.

You’re lucky I put up with you.”

The warmth in Josh’s voice when he spoke to her.

“No one else would ever want you.”

The light in Josh’s eyes.

Her eyes filled with tears. She hugged herself and said happily, “Felicity, you are a FOOL!”

She glanced at the clock. 5:45. Josh would be awake. He went to bed early and woke early. Jumping out of bed, she dug fresh panties and a T-shirt out of her dresser, exchanging them for her sleep-rumpled clothes. She wrestled her jeans on as she ran to the phone to call Josh.

“Hi Felicity! You’re up early. How are you feeling?”

“Joshua, I love you.”

Silence. She heard a thud as he fell into a chair. “Felicity?”

“I am in love with you, Josh.”

A sharp intake of breath. Then, “Hold on. I’m coming over.”

She paced the room until he arrived 20 minutes later, flying to the door when she saw him walk past the front window.

“Josh, oh God, I’ve been a fool.” She tumbled into his arms.

He took her face in his hands. “Look at me. I want to hear you say it in person.”

She looked into his brown eyes. “I love you, Joshua.”

He blinked back tears. “Oh Felicity, I never dreamed …”

But she was already tugging him by the hand into the bedroom. “I need you, Josh. Make love to me.”

In the shaft of sunlight, she pulled her shirt off and pushed her jeans and panties to the floor. Stepping out of her clothes, she basked in his words, “Oh my God, you are so beautiful.” His hand moved to his zipper. She unbuttoned his shirt with trembling fingers, pushing it off his shoulders as he removed his jeans and shoes.

He sat on the mattress edge and pulled her onto his lap. ‘What about Chad?” he breathed into her ear.

“I’m breaking up with him tomorrow,” she said firmly.

She closed her eyes and moaned as his hands cupped her breasts. Her nipples drew taut against his palms. He did not flick them a few times, drop his hand to feel for a wet pussy, then paw at her impatiently, as Chad would have done. He kneaded her breasts, circling the tight nipples with his thumbs, then gently took one in his mouth while pinching the other.

She melted into him. A cry escaped her lips as the risen sun’s rays spilled across her back. Her thighs trembled. Was she going to come? It had been so long since she’d come like this …

“Ahhhh.” She threw back her head, bucking hard against Josh. He laughed softly against her nipple and raised his head. “My God, Felicity, did you come? You are amazing.”

Sliding from beneath her, he dropped to his knees, mouth claiming her pussy. She pushed her hips eagerly toward him as he lapped at her erect clitoris. Adrift in a sea of pleasure, she forgot everything: Chad’s cruel words, his frustrating demands, the insecurities that made her stay with him. Sunlight rippled along her taut torso, warming her as Josh’s hands moved up her body to cup her breasts again. His mouth and touch tore sharp, delighted cries from her throat as she came again, then again. Everything but their bodies, her sensations and the brilliant sunshine vanished.

Little darling, I feel that ice is slowly melting

Little darling, it seems like years since it’s been clear

Some time later, she lay curled against Josh’s side, her head pillowed on his shoulder, her hand stroking his lower belly. He nuzzled her hair, and she felt his erection throb with need. She gazed at his naked body from chest to toes, glorious in the morning light. She raised her head to look at his face. He smiled, sighed happily and stroked her cheek.

“Felicity, I’ve loved you for so long. I never thought you would love me back. I …”

“Shhhh.” She took his hand and kissed it. Sitting up, she leaned over him and dragged her breasts along his chest to his belly. His breath caught.

“I know you love me, Josh.” She grasped his thick cock. He groaned, and his eyes fluttered closed. “Yes, please,” he whispered.

Here comes the sun, here comes the sun

And I say it’s all right

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5 Responses to Charlie’s Ultimate Summer Playlist Competition – The Winners!

  1. Congratulations to the three wonderful winners 🙂

    Rebel xox

  2. I’m thrilled my story was chosen as a winner! I have a journalism background, so I’m much more comfortable with writing non-fiction. This story was an experiment to see if I could successfully fictionalize a true experience. I never expected to win among so many other wonderful writers. Thank you!

  3. bigmissnaughty says:

    well done everyone x

  4. mariasibylla says:

    Awesome stories, everyone!

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