Ultimate Summer Playlist Competition Entry – Here Comes The Sun by Abbi Cranky

The rules are that this can be about anything? I usually write about sex, sometimes relationships, very occasionally; love.
This is about love.

I have 3 sisters. I am on good terms with all of them. But I am close in age to just one. We are what is called Irish twins, born fairly close to a year after each other.

And we used to be very close when we were young, dressed the same and pretty much seen as a package deal.

This is no longer the case. We no longer look alike, her hair got darker and mine lighter and I kept growing long after 5 foot – I’m not sure she actually reached it.

We are very different people now, different passions, different outlooks – different beliefs. But sometimes I forget how close we used to be, how we are both quite artistic and we don’t want to make it easy on ourselves, for whatever reason, we rarely choose the straight line. She used to call me Theo, I used to call her Vincent.

But what I don’t forget is that we have a similar taste in music and even though she’s younger than me, she found Prince before me and was my introduction to him.

She also was the first person to play ‘Here Comes the Sun’ for me.

It must have been in the house for years, The Beatles were my parents’ favourite band. Or at least the only band we knew about them liking, when we were growing up and they were busying rearing us. One day I was going somewhere, I really can’t remember where, my mom was taking me and I was deeply unhappy. Hannah knew this and as I was at the porch putting my coat on and my mother was getting the car keys she ran upstairs and put on the song. She turned the stereo up really high, opened our bedroom window and shouted at me to listen. As I stood by the car, door open, I looked up at her and she shouted at me to listen, just listen, can you hear it… ABILENE? It’s for you…. And told me it would be ok. That everything was shit but that she’d be there when I got back.

And she was.

I’m not sure I’ve been the greatest sister to her but I do love her and I forget it sometimes. But not when I hear that song.

I am godmother to her first child and while her daughter doesn’t look like me, she shows all the signs of being tall and has my legs. I love this. I also love that we have a deep bond. She is 9 now and I am still cool in her eyes. I hope it continues and I will show her this song and I will take her cool places and I will tell her that her mother was something other than just a mother.

I hope that’s enough.

But to end on a lighter note. I think everyone in Ireland holds this song dear to them. We see the sun so very rarely and on more than one occasion if is manages to peep out people will spontaneously burst into the chorus.

This is Abbi Cranky’s, of AbbiRode.com, entry for my Ultimate Summer Playlist Competition

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4 Responses to Ultimate Summer Playlist Competition Entry – Here Comes The Sun by Abbi Cranky

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  2. mariasibylla says:

    This is lovely! I love that you say you’ll remind your niece that your sister is more than just a mother. That’s a beautiful thing to say and an important job. I only have one sister, we are totally different, but I adore her.

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