Charlie Needs You!

Guest Writers Wanted For July!

Last year in November I hosted a whole load of guest bloggers and I have to say I absolutely loved hosting other people’s amazing pieces of writing. 

(Make sure you check them all out here!!)

At the time I said that I would make the November of every year my guest blogger month but this year I have decided I want to move it forward to July. 

I’m going on an actual holiday abroad, for the first time in about 10 years in July for 2 weeks so I thought it would be a great month to open up my blog again to any one that wants to get their writing out there.

If you follow me on Twitter then you might know that I’ve been struggling with some stuff (commonly known as depression) at the moment. I want to create some good karma and I actually stick by my word so sharing other people’s brilliant writing when they might not have an outlet of their own would make me so happy.

I know as it’s now the 4th of June (and I am also running an writing competition at the moment)  it doesn’t give people much time but I would really love to receive a couple of guest posts from absolutely anyone and it can be about anything they want. 

I just loved sharing other people’s writing last year that I want to do it again!

You do not have to be a blogger or a writer to guest post for me, you just need an idea!

Just email me your post, including your blog or Twitter name which I will include in the post or a pseudonym you wish to be known by to

So wonderful people you have until the 30th of June! 

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3 Responses to Charlie Needs You!

  1. i am very curious about this.. will try and see what i can do but it is a real struggle right now due to my dads death and having to fly home

  2. caboscloud says:

    Hey Charlie. I’m a new blogger but would love to be a guest writer for your blog. See if you like something on and if nothing fits your style, no worries! Take care, Sean from Cabo’s Cloud.

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