Addiction – #SinfulSunday

She goes from one addiction to another. All are ways for her not to feel her feelings – Ellen Burstyn


I have a very addictive personality, I’ve taken quite a few drugs, I smoke cigarettes and I drink a lot of alcohol.
However I think the worst thing to get addicted to is a person or the way a person makes you feel because when they leave you or stop making you feel that way, which always happens in the end, you are left as just another lost and abandoned soul looking for that next fix to cheer yourself up.

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36 Responses to Addiction – #SinfulSunday

  1. I totally recognize that: the addictive personality. It has caused me many a heartache in my life, but with age came wisdom and I learned to control my addictions.

    Rebel xox

  2. silverdomuk says:

    I, predictable, am distracted by being a breast man. 😉

  3. cjdc74 says:

    I can totally relate because that could have been me you are describing x

  4. Exposing40 says:

    I am glad you decided to post this week. Look after yourself (she says, sounding old and mumsy!) x

    • Charlie says:

      I’ve been struggling with finding the right words this week. Still don’t think I found the right ones in the end.
      Don’t worry about sounding mumsy I am grateful for the support.

  5. Kilted Wookie (@Kilted_Wookie) says:

    Great image and such poignantly true words.


  6. Molly says:

    I can relate to this. I have certainly experienced the withdrawal of being ‘left’. I feel lucky that I have finally found a partner who I feel safe being addicted to….. Oh and I have not had a ciggy for a year now but your image made me breath a sign of longing for my old bad habit


    • Charlie says:

      You are very lucky to find that person to feel safe getting addicted to. Fingers crossed I’ll find that person one day too.
      Also sorry for making you long for your bad habit again 😃

  7. SassyCat says:

    I love smoke photography. This is a great shot! Smoke, sexy lips and cleavage!!! I tried smoke photography a few times, but have been unable to get that one “right” smoke photo. I will admit relating to everything you said in this post.
    I’ve never been a smoker.Couldn’t get the hang of it. BUT recently due to a person in my life, I started vaping when I’m with him. I write about my addictive behaviors in my Blog for Mental Health 2015 category.

    • Charlie says:

      It could be the fact you aren’t a proper smoker that you struggled to get the perfect shot. If I’m honest though it took me quite a few tries to get this shot even though I’m a seasoned smoker. 😃

  8. constantlyreid says:

    As I sit here with a cigarette in my hand – yes. This.

  9. KaziG says:

    I have an addictive personality too though I try to stop cold when I realise it’s becoming a problem.

    ~Kazi xxx

  10. Great photo, I love the colours! Addictions are so powerful, I hope you’re OK Xxx

  11. lovelustlondon says:

    So very true, but sometimes you get addicted to something (someone) that is good for you and you find that you don’t want to give it up. Gorgeous, sultry picture!

    O x

  12. First, this is one damn sexy photo! Two, you have an inner strength that you might not realize is there. But it’s there, trust me! Hugs to you, sweetie!

  13. Miss July says:

    Wow!! Such amazing words.

    xxx Miss July xxx

  14. sub-Bee says:

    As an ex-smoker I’m trying not to tell you off. I do understand where you’re coming from though, it’s really hard to find strength to stop hiding behind fears 🙂

    • Charlie says:

      I know smoking is bad but I still enjoy it even though I know it’s so bad for me, I think that’s why I’ve struggled when I have tried to quit. How did you quit?

      • sub-Bee says:

        Sorry I took so long getting back to you, I completely missed your question.

        My Dad and I quit at the same time, there was no way I was going to let him win! In actual fact I found it surprisingly easy, I believe it was because I was ready to with nobody telling me I should, I did it for me and no one else. Having said all that even now, 7(ish) years down the line I still get mad cravings but they pass almost as soon as they arrive 🙂

  15. Sweetendirty says:

    I can definitely relate to you when it comes to being addicted to a person and the way they make you feel.

  16. Penny says:

    Lovely photo…the smoke curls seem very sensual, which adds to your description of the pull of addiction.

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