Exploring My Sub Side

He told me to go to the shops commando so I did. He was sexting me the whole time I was out of the house. I was absolutely soaked by the time I got back home. I then masturbated while sending him videos. Afterwards he asked me if I had put any clothes on yet, I said I just had my knickers on. His response was “Did I say you could put knickers on again?” My immediate thought was how will he actually know if I keep them on or not but I didn’t want to lie to him so I spent the rest of the day wearing no underwear at all.

He has chosen the underwear I’ve wore everyday since then. I wake up and send him a picture of the underwear options for the day, he picks the ones he likes and I then send him a picture of me in them.

He is my Lost Rogue and now he is my Sir, he calls me his good little slut.

We had been talking about the sex toys I have, I said that I have 3 but only use one as the others just don’t do anything for me and I can’t get off with them. The next day I decided to try them out again, just to be doubly sure and sent him a few pics while I was masturbating. He reprimanded me for cumming without him. He then said that I was not allowed to cum again without his permission.

Later on that evening I recieved a text telling me it was time for me to get naked. 

What proceeded was me being sent videos of Sir tell me exactly what he wanted me to do to myself while videoing it and sending them to him.

Imagining myself being tied up and blindfolded by him. Him teasing my nipples, Slowly running my hands over my body imagining he is teasing my body with his lips and hands but not being allowed to touch my already aching pussy.
He wanted to hear me beg him to touch it and feel exactly how wet he had made me. By this time I was absolutely soaking .
He sent me videos of him touching his hard cock while giving me each new command.
I was allowed to use my rabbit vibrator, first using it to slowly fuck myself. Begging him so I could fuck myself harder and faster with it.
I got reprimanded once for not using Sir when I begged him.
Eventually I was allowed to bring myself to a pretty fucking intense orgasm but this was only after I pleaded with him to allow it.

After all of this I was rewarded for obeying him by receiving the best cum tribute ever, so much better than my last #SinfulSunday. A video of him cumming all over the video of me cumming!

I was then told to write this blog post.

I have never really had any experience in a D/s relationship. I label myself as a Switch and I wholeheartedly believe that’s what I am. I love the idea of being dominated by a man and I also love the idea of being the one who is dominant.
When I’ve called guys Sir in the past it’s always been in a light hearted jokey way. I kind of felt silly doing it until last night, it seemed to work with him. Calling him Sir suits him and it suits me.
I really enjoyed the sound of “Sir” escaping my lips as I was told to cum and I came harder than I have in a long time.

I can’t wait to be fucked by my Sir and continue my sub exploration.

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6 Responses to Exploring My Sub Side

  1. abbirode says:


  2. Enjoy the journey! Exploring and discovering what you like is half the fun and satisfaction ūüôā

    Rebel xox

  3. sweetwomandirtymind says:

    This is amazingly hot! I love to sub via sexting. Something about the anticipation of waiting for his commands …

  4. @WankOfTheDay says:

    Welcome to the submissive sisterhood. It sounds like you’re already discovering things about yourself and enjoying the process.


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