Joys Of Being Single – Online Dating Fun Part 2

I first wrote the joys of being single part 1 over a year ago and believe me my dating life hasn’t got any better. I am a sex blogger who isn’t having any sex (a blog post about exactly that is coming soon) so a few months ago I joined okcupid in the hope that I would actually start dating. Nothing has come from it, I’ve spoken to a few guys on there then they just disappeared, I’m even proactive and message guys first but still get no replies. This does not help my mental state as I already feel unfuckable and unloveable.

If I’m honest the most fun I’ve had with this particular dating site is answering the questions that it matches people on. I was urged to join this site because with every question it asks it gives a space for people to explain their answers which apparently makes it better to find your “perfect match”.
Here’s is an example of the questions.

Would you consider sleeping with someone on the first date?

What’s your opinion of the phrase “making love” when it refers to sex?

Is it okay for a woman to talk openly about her sexual exploits?

Are you more horny or more lonely?

How does the thought of someone masturbating with you in mind make you feel?

I’m not sure why I thought there would be a better caliber of men on okcupid compared to Tinder and POF but believe me after some of the messages I’ve received on there I’m not sure I want to try and find a boyfriend or even just a date by online dating methods.






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8 Responses to Joys Of Being Single – Online Dating Fun Part 2

  1. Lady Eiluj says:

    It’s a nightmare out there! I’m on one and it really isn’t worth the hassle sometimes! There is either no one interested or they just want to know the color of your knickers!
    Keep going Mr Fuckable is our there for you, he’s just waiting to find you! X

  2. Simina says:

    Hey, I’m also a sex blogger who hasn’t had sex in like 4 years. 😀 Which is probably why most of my posts are never about actual sex.

    I did OkCupid for a bit. The one guy I found that I liked and actually approached did not reciprocate my interest, but we’re friends on FetLife and Facebook.

    I totally get the unfuckable feeling. I’ve had sex with one person. -.-‘

  3. hahah i feel your pain
    i have been on okcupid for a few years now
    i love the questions, i have answered so many of them and enjoy meeting new people

    for me, i live too far away from most of the people
    it is only the last 2 years that the french have started joining and there are still so few near my location
    so i never looked for dates, just new friends

    when i was going to london on and off for two years
    that is when i met a few lovers
    and we are still friends

    there are a lot of good people on okc but as with any site you have to take it with a grain of salt and watch your step

    there are way too many people that use fake images (easy to check with google image search or tineye) and a lot are only looking for sex and some are kinky but never heard of fet!
    oh and fetlife has an okc cross over group for anyone that wants to put their handle on display

    dont get discouraged
    i am like you.. a sex blogger in a dry spell

    you are funny, attractive and will find someone good
    just takes a lot of weeding

  4. misfiery says:

    I’m recently single and sometimes I just feel like I can’t even deal. I’m not sure online is for me, except as humorous exploits for a book…

  5. I have never been on online dating sites, but with messages like those I can imagine just how disappointing it must be. However, it’s not always like this. A colleague of mine is marrying the guy she met through a dating site, so success stories exist. I really wish for you to find that special someone 🙂

    Rebel xox

  6. FT says:

    I guess hang in there? I recall the times hating dating and feeling completely undateable (if I had a dime for every time I was told, ‘you are the type of guy a girl marries, not dates.’ I would make Bill Gates look like a pauper.

    It did suddenly just fall into place (not without a few interesting misadventures along the way). I am sure it will eventually for you as well, if you keep at the madness of it all.

    Good luck and hang in there!

  7. Molly says:

    You are not alone in the ‘sex blogger who does not have sex’. When we were in a LDR months and months would pass by without any sex, apart from cybersex that is and I really did at times feel like a fraud writing a sex blog at times but in hindsight I realise that what I did was write about the truth of that time, the longing, the desire, the sadness, the endlesssss masturbation *laughs…. It was my life then and just a relevant on my blog as my life now. I think writing about being single and not getting the sex you want or desire and why is just as important to write about as any other sex related subject.


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