☀️ Charlie’s Ultimate Summer Playlist Competition ☀️

Even though I am someone who will always prefer to be too cold rather than too hot, mainly because I think it’s easier to warm yourself up by having a hot drink, a hot bath or some hot sex than it is to cool yourself down, there are only so many clothes you can take off in acceptable society, I still love the summer. 

It reminds me of school holidays when you had 6 weeks of no worries. Spending all day out of the house playing with friends, only returning when you get hungry or it starts to get dark, having water fights in the garden, it just meant pure unadulterated fun.

Now as an adult summer means getting sunburnt while at work, drinking ice cold pints of cider in a beer garden, day trips to the beach with my friends and just general happiness. The world seems so much better when the skies are blue, the trees are leafy and green and the sun is beaming down on all of us.

Last year I didn’t have the best summer. I spent it either working, under a dark cloud of depression or visiting my sick grandad and then grieving for him when he passed away.

But this year I plan to make the most of the summer! I’m actually going to have money to spend on going out and doing things since moving house and I’m going on my first holiday abroad in about 10 years and I am so bloody excited about it!

Thinking about the arrival of summer and the happiness that seems to fill the air at this time of year gave me an idea for a writing competition.

I’ve never run a competition before so thought it would be fun (I’m sure I’ll regret saying that later).

So what I have done is create what I think is (others may disagree) the perfect summer playlist. 

I want you to listen to it and use one of the songs as a prompt for a piece of writing. You have six weeks (the average length of the British school summer holidays) to enter.

I want this writing competition to be open to everyone not just erotica writers so if one of the songs reminds you of a real life experience or inspires an idea for an image they will also be included along with any erotic stories the songs might spark in people’s imaginations.

I have three prizes (that have kindly been donated by the amazing Malin James) to give away. 

I will be picking a winner and two runners up. The winner will get to pick which prize they want, the 1st runner up will then have a pick of the two prizes left and the 2nd runner up will have the prize that is left. The winner will also get a summer themed prize as well once I’ve decided what it will be.

Prize 1 – The Ultimate Guide To Sexual Fantasy by Violet Blue

Prize 2 – Best Women’s Erotica edited by Violet Blue & Hot Highlanders And Wild Warriors edited by Delilah Devlin

Prize 3 – Cowboy Heat edited by Delilah Devlin & Wrapped Around Your Finger by Alison Tyler

And now for the ultimate summer playlist that you will be using for your prompt.

You can listen to it on spotify HERE.

And for people who don’t have spotify I have created a YouTube playlist HERE.

So here are the rules.

(1) It can be in any format you like. It can be a piece of erotic fiction, it can be a real life experience or an image. Anything as long as you use one of the songs (hear them here on spotify or watch them here on YouTube) as your prompt and inspiration for the piece. Make sure to let us know what song you chose somewhere in your post.

(2) Your entry must be no longer than 1500 words. Pictures will be accepted as long as there are some words to go along side it.

(3) Multiple entries are allowed.

(4) *Update: I have extended the deadline for the competition, You now have until 23:59 (GMT) on the 19th of June 2015.*

(5) You must post the piece to your blog and link back to this post for your entry to be counted.

(6) This competition is open to absolutely everyone! If you don’t have a blog and want to enter, just email me your entry at unmannedme@outlook.com with permission for me post it on this blog as a separate entry and I will link it back to this post.  Just make sure you include your name with it.

(7) You must consent to me linking to your story in a post that collates all the entries and if you should win you must consent to me posting the piece you have written in a post announcing the winners.

(8) If you win you should be happy to share your mailing address with me so I can send out your prize.

If I’ve missed anything out or you have any questions please drop me a line.

Happy Summer and Happy Writing!

Charlie x

*Update : You can view all the entries here!*

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25 Responses to ☀️ Charlie’s Ultimate Summer Playlist Competition ☀️

  1. Can’t believe you don’t have even one beach boys track on your summer playlist. 😮

    Lol. ;D

  2. sweetwomandirtymind says:

    I’m planning to participate! I’ll give the playlist a listen soon.

  3. kittykat says:

    Great idea! I’ll get my thinking cap on!
    My fav Ed Sheeran is in there… Yay!

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  5. Kilted Wookie (@Kilted_Wookie) says:

    Here you go, Under A Blue Sky.

    Hope you get a few more entries.


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  9. Amethyst & Gryphon says:

    I am SO excited to write for this! Eeeee!
    – Amethyst

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