It Could Be You – #SinfulSunday


This could be your view of me.

It could be your hands that free my breasts from my top.

It could be your fingers that tease and tweak my nipples into hard little buds.

It could be your cock that I’m riding hard.

It could be your cock filling and stretching my pussy.

It could be you that makes me come harder than I ever have before.

It could be you if you wanted it.

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*This is the 16th Sunday of 2015, so far this year I have contributed to #SinfulSunday 11 times.

Some of you may have noticed that I’ve been quiet on the SinfulSunday front for the past few weeks. I didn’t want to write about the issue at the time and I still don’t want to write about it now. If you read Molly’s Bully For You post then maybe you will understand why I just haven’t had the confidence to join in lately.

I have been struggling with whether or not I would ever participate again and then @SaucyCHP  tweeted this last night 

“I found my self worth & confidence it was hiding with all the nice people.” 

And it made realise why have I been stopping myself doing something I enjoy? It’s been the fear that I will be under attack again. Maybe it’s just something I have to get use to.

I need to start listening to all the nice voices out there and ignore the very few mean ones.*


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49 Responses to It Could Be You – #SinfulSunday

  1. Velvet Rose says:

    I had no idea this had happened to you Charlie and I am saddened that it did. I have read and commented on Molly’s post to which you referenced, which I also missed as I was away on holiday.

    I am so glad that you are back here again and know that these negative people are a minority of jealous individuals.

    You have gorgeous boobs by the way!!

    Velvet x

    • Charlie says:

      Thanks Velvet. I’m so glad I didn’t let some nasty comments stop me from being part of this community, I came very close to packing it all in.

  2. mariasibylla says:

    This is a fantastic photo! Incredibly visceral when coupled with your words. I’m glad you’re continuing to post, you take great photos. And, it’s always important not to let the bastards get you down, as they say. 🙂

  3. Stella says:

    I’m glad you are listening to all us nice people. What I’ve learned is that bullying is about the person doing the bullying, not the person they happen to take it out on. Your posts are always lovely and thoughtful. Keep it up. 🙂


  4. molly says:

    Hurrah for ALL of this. I am so glad you have decided to stick a great big ‘fuck you’ to the nastiness and carry on anyway. People like that will always find something to be horrible about the key is not to let them run your life with their negative opinions.

    I love this image, your hair tumbling down over your full breasts is just so very sexy


    • Charlie says:

      I never did thank you for writing that post Molly, it was a great piece. Also thank you for creating such an amazing supportive community 😃

  5. sweetwomandirtymind says:

    Why do so many of us tend to hold onto and take to heart cruel comments, while forgetting the kind ones? Sometimes it’s hardest to learn to be kind to ourselves. I’m so glad you decided to rejoin us.

  6. Sweetendirty says:

    So glad you decided to post! This is very hot.

  7. Miss July says:

    Love this image especially with your hair all messy over the top of your breasts.

    Glad you are back again and can share with us in confidence this time.

    xxx Miss July xxx

  8. silverdomuk says:

    Thank you so much for posting this beautiful pic, and for saying a very effective “Fuck you!” to the bully/bullies. I was bullied terribly at school, partly because of how I look.

    • Charlie says:

      I’m sorry to hear you were bullied at school. *hugs*
      Luckily I never was but it seems because of that I was destined to be bullied as an adult.

  9. First of all, the photo is gorgeous. I love that one of your breasts is fully uncovered and the other one only allows a nipple to peak out. Gorgeous photo.
    Good for you for not letting the jealous bullies push you away. Keep on coming back and keep on posting. The nice people will always welcome you with open arms and will enjoy your posts. Good for you for not letting those negative individuals chase you away.

    Rebel xox

    • Charlie says:

      Thanks Rebel.
      I was so close to packing it all in but realised that would mean they had won and I would get such lovely comments like yours ever again. 😃

  10. Aaron says:

    Great picture and I love the words that go with it. Glad you listened to the positive voices!

  11. Kilted Wookie (@Kilted_Wookie) says:

    What can I say, other than I would lo’ve it to be me.


  12. The ones who stand up tall after being knocked down who are the true heroines. And you are mine! Sexy shot of a beautiful woman. A beautiful and STRONG woman.

  13. Glad you joined in again. It’s amazing how the negative stay with us versus the positive, but truly, there is so many more positives.
    This shot is sexy, you look like someone either well loved or someone tempting the viewer to give an arousing and vigorous romp.

  14. beck03 says:

    Keep listening to those nice voices. The negative ones don’t know what they are talking about. 😛 This is a great photo. I love the words you used with it.

  15. lovelustlondon says:

    Magnificent. It would be a very lucky someone who got to be that person.

    O x

  16. Very arousing and erotic Charlie . . . and kudos for ignoring those whose only release from their own envy and frustration is negativity!!!
    Xxx – K

  17. I want it more than you could possibly know. Absolutely beautiful, as always.

  18. Malin James says:

    Brave is beautiful and you are beautiful for that and many reasons. I’m so happy you’re back.

  19. i read this the other night when it showed up in my inbox but before i could actually find a way to comment…

    if you ever need to chat… even with all the shit i go through.. give me a shout
    i am and the people in our group here (except those fakers earlier!!!) are all a better class of people..usually haahah

    i have been teased all my life
    being a red head in a dinky lil town, having a strong personality and a name that even your teachers refuse to try and pronounce properly… oh and developing early..i looked 16 on my 10th birthday with a full b cup and curves in all the right places for a woman but not a 10yr old!

    surprisingly as an adult, people seem to except my overtly sexual nature as a normal (for me) kind of thing..; they seem to give me more hell for venting my normal life and the way my ex is a shit and my almost 18yr old drives me flipping nuts

    the way i see it, for me, i express myself because i need to.. it is who i am but also it helps me to remember my time line because i would forget it other wise

    i also do it.. be it venting or posting erotica… because i know that i have helped others in similar situations who need confidence… “if you can do it, i can too” ..kind of, some with body image will feel better about their body but not need or want to post pics all over the web lol

    with the venting, it helps others who are in similar situations and they remember they are not alone or i have an idea/they have an idea that can really stop some the pain and confusion

    shit people are out there
    a lot of them
    all over the world
    all ages
    a lot are brainwashed by propaganda that says who we “should” be and why it is so “vitally important” that we obey their ideals for a “good (thoughtless minions)” society

    you need better people in your life
    ones that accept you, care about you and could give a fuck what you do with your body as long as you stay the sweety you are and keep smiling

    lots of hugs

    • Charlie says:

      This is such a lovely comment. Thank you.
      The whole idea of joining in was to push my boundaries and learn to love my body, what happened was a massive set back for me but hopefully me rejoining will help and show other people who have had negative comments made about them that it doesn’t matter.
      People who are mean and bitchy aren’t worth wasting energy on. Embrace all the nice people instead. 😃

      • negative people like that are closed minded cows… they often have something holding them back and it is easier or more fun to attack others…

        be yourself, define who that self is and enjoy 😉

  20. SassyCat says:

    I had briefly read what you had experienced. I asked myself “WHY? would someone, anyone do such mean things?” Then I was using a new app and read the mean really mean things people typed in the chat. Thought, “what fuckers.” Not even knowing the person they were insulting. I can understand you taking a break from all of this. I am more thankful that you decided not to let those bullies win. That you surround yourself with those ppl who lift you up when you’re down. That you do take time for you to heal, but cheers to you for getting back up. Don’t ever let them win. You’re beautiful, smart, intelligent. Keep up what you’re doing…”keep makes others wonder what you’re up too” LOL

    • Charlie says:

      Haha! I like that “keep smiling, it makes others wonder what you’re up too” 😃
      Thank you for your comment, I’m still in the process of healing but seeing the lovely things everyone has been saying including yourself is making the mean voices get quieter and quieter

  21. mcpervy says:

    I’ve been making signs with poems and pairing them with erotic pictures and hanging them around work, I work in a sec shop. If love to use your poem

  22. Hyacinth says:

    I’ve been out of the loop but will catch up now. I’ll just respond to what you shared on this post, though, and that’s that I’m so sorry you lost your confidence. I use things like Sinful Sunday (and my own blog) to bolster mine. I can’t imagine what it’d be like for someone to try to take that away from me.

    Hot ass pic, btw. I love how it looks like someone just had their way with you.

  23. H.H. says:

    Hot hot hot hot!

  24. KaziG says:

    Beautiful and strong, a wonderful tease! Those idiots don’t deserve your attention

    ~Kazi xxx

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