Words: A Writing Challenge – The Adventure’s of Gumdrop

When Exhibit A set his writing challenge to produce an erotic story using one of the words from Jade A. Waters list of favourite words as a prompt, I was pretty excited. I’ve been struggling for story ideas lately and I actually find it easier to come up with a story idea if I’ve been given a prompt. 

Exhibit A then offered to assign people a word and as I had no idea which of the words to pick as there were so many good ones. I asked him to assign me a word, I got Gumdrop. 

At first I thought thanks a bunch, what the fuck am I suppose to write for that! All the ideas I had involved using bad euphenisms like “her nipples were the shape of gumdrops and just as sweet”. I even had an idea for some surreal gingerbread men erotica, “No, Not the gumdrop buttons!” 

Then a quick google search led me to this Wikipedia page about a series of books written about a car called Gumdrop and an idea started to form. 

The Adventure’s of Gumdrop 

I am in a room full of grief. I know none of the people here feel it as strongly as I do. For one of the greatest men I have ever known, my Grandad, has departed from this earth. I can’t stand it in this stifling room anymore. I have to get out from the sea of blackness that is surrounding me. 

As I stand to leave the living room where the wake is being held, I see my mother giving me that stern look she always does when I do something she disapproves of but for once I don’t care. I know exactly where I need to be right now and this room isn’t it. 

Entering the garage, the familiar smells of dust and oil enter my nose and there I see her. My Grandad’s pride and joy, after myself. His car. A beautifully maintained ruby red 1926 Austin 12. Gumdrop was the name my Grandad had given her, I wish I had asked him why. All my childhood memories of him involve this car, whether it was sitting on a milk crate by the door watching him work or spending my summer holidays being driven around the country with my best friend Mark, going on adventures.

My childish adventures were over. It was time to move on, grow up and start planning for the future according to my mother. 4 years ago at the age of 18 I was so desperate to please her that’s exactly what I did. It broke Mark’s heart when I finally left to go to university on the other side of the country. I also managed to break my Grandad’s heart in the process, he always said Mark and I were perfect for each other. 

I open the door and slide into the passenger seat, feeling the softness of the leather beneath my fingers. Lost in my grief filled memories I barely register the creaking of the kitchen door and the light flooding into the garage.

I knew he would be here, looking up and seeing his broad frame shadowed in the doorway makes my breath catch in my throat. 

Seeing my best friend, my childhood sweetheart, I’m unable to keep the tears back any longer, I break down sobbing. He slides into the seat next to me not saying a word. My Grandad never told me that in the 4 years since I left he had taught Mark everything about this car and more importantly he showed Mark how to drive Gumdrop. 

Shocked by his sudden appearance at my side, I didn’t noticed the garage doors opening, I only realised we were moving when the seat started to vibrate beneath me and wind whipped my hair around my face.

Mark doesn’t say a word when I ask where we are going. He doesn’t even look at me, his gaze never leaving the winding roads in front of us. 

I can’t help but keep stealing glances at this man beside me. He is no longer the skinny teenager he once was. His suit jacket does nothing to disguise his broad shoulders and strong arms, the fabric strains against them every time he has to change gear. His hair is still the colour of straw but now it’s in short curls instead of falling to his shoulders. 

Eventually we pull into a field and stop beneath the sunlight dappled shade of a massive oak tree. The happy songs from the birds in the trees are such a contrast to the dark storm raging in my head and my heart. Looking around I recognise where we are, this was our favourite picnic spot to come with my Grandad. We would sit beneath the tree, drinking lemonade and eating our sandwiches while listening to my Grandad recite all the epic adventures he had taken in Gumdrop. 

The last time Mark and I were alone in this spot, we were in a very different car. Mark’s beat up Renault. It was the night we lost our virginity to each other. The one and only time we ever had sex because the day after was when I got my uni acceptance letter, the day after was the last time we saw each other. 

Tears start streaming down my face again, remembering all the pain I caused this man by leaving. 

He turns towards me, cupping my face in his hands, wiping away the tears on my cheeks. I can’t look at him. I’m scared I’ll still see the same hatred in his eyes that I saw the last time we spoke. He lifts my face so I am forced to look into those piercing blue eyes, inwardly I sigh, there’s no hatred there anymore.  

I open my mouth to speak, to apologise for what I did but he shushes me by placing his lips over mine. All my troubles seem to melt away in that one kiss. I wrap my arms around his neck to pull him closer as my body starts to tingle. I can’t get enough of his lips, our tongues probing each other, I don’t want it to end. 

He breaks the kiss. I never knew a kiss could make you so light headed. Panting lightly, I look into his eyes and notice that gleam I never thought I would see again, he was as turned on by that kiss as I was. 

I look around us and realise that sat in the front seat we are too exposed to the main road should anyone drive past, so I clamber over the front seat into the back cabin where there is more privacy. 

Following my lead, Mark climbs over in a heart beat and we are embracing again. My hands running through this head of curls down onto his shoulders as I push his jacket off them. After he has tossed it aside, His hand starts to creep up the inside of my thigh under my skirt. My juices have already seeped through my knickers and tights, as he runs his fingers along them a shiver goes through me. With these obstacles stopping him from feeling my wetness properly he grabs hold of both items, ripping the tights in his urgency to remove them. Once these have been discarded on the floor he turns his attention back to me. After pushing my skirt up around my waist, his fingers begin to crawl ever so slowly back up my legs to my soaking cunt. I whimper with anticipation. 

He runs his fingers up my slick lips and just brushes past my aching clit causing a jolt like lightening to course through me. His mouth never leaving mine. He inserts two fingers into me and slowly starts to fuck me with them, curling his fingers round to hit my sweet spot. With his thumb pressing against my clit I can feel my orgasm building but it’s not enough. 

I need him. 

I need this.

I need to touch him, to feel his skin against mine. 

I unbutton his shirt as quickly as possible, exposing his taut chest with its smattering of dark, corse hair. Running my hands over him doesn’t satisfy me, I need more of him, all of him. While his fingers are still thrusting in and out of me, I try to undo his belt but struggle. I break away from his mouth and place both hands on this arm stopping his movement. I tell him that I need him inside me now. 

Obliging to my request he sits back, undoes his belt and pushes his trousers and boxers down to his ankles, exposing his beautiful hard cock to the air. I straddle him, running my lips along the length of his shaft. A deep rumbling groan escaping this throat as I slide down taking his entire length inside of me. He fills me up so perfectly. As I begin to move up and down his cock, he pulls my shirt over my head, unclasps my bra and quickly encases one of my nipples in his warm mouth, flicking his tongue over the hard bud making me gasp. 

My mouth finds his again as my movements become more desperate. My nipples rubbing against his chest hair add another level of pleasure. I can feel my orgasm bubbling below the surface, my thighs start to burn with the effort. His hands slide down my sweat slicked back to my bottom, holding me in place so he can thrust into me harder and harder. It is enough to push me over the edge. I feel like my heart is going to explode but instead I do. I cry out as my orgasm crashes over me, my pussy clenching around his cock. I feel him grow a little inside me and then he is climaxing with me, filling my pussy with his come.

I collapse on top of him, unable to move. My head resting on his shoulder, the scent of our fuck leeching from his skin. His hands running through my hair and caressing my body. 

We stay like this as our breathing slowly returns to normal.
The light around us is beginning to fade and there’s a chill creeping in when he finally speaks, “I’ve missed you.”

*I may have gone over the word limit by about 35 words, my bad*

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2 Responses to Words: A Writing Challenge – The Adventure’s of Gumdrop

  1. Charlie! I loved this. Very sweet with that tender bit of sadness. What a spectacularly creative an unexpected way to use gumdrop! 🙂

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