In The Morning

I open my eyes to the bright morning sunshine streaming through the window and see you in the bed next to me already awake. You smile at me, wish me a good morning and pull me towards you for a long kiss.

When our lips finally part, you turn me around so you can snuggle into the crook of my neck, planting light kisses along my collarbone. Your arm wrapped around my body with your big warm hand on my breasts taking it in turns to slowly massage each of them. You capture a nipple between your fingers giving it a tweak, it becomes hard beneath your touch. 

Your erection is pressing into my back, growing with every gasp that escapes my lips. My pussy is slick with juices now and begging to be touched so I grab your hand and place it on my mound. 

As you slide your fingers over my clit and between my lips you growl into my ear when you feel how ready I am for you. Two of your fingers easily delve in and out of my wet hole while your thumb brushes against my needy clit. I start to whimper under your touch, getting closer to climax but unable to without you putting more attention on my sweet spot. You are teasing me now, making me begging for the stimulation I need. I grab your hand, pull your fingers out of my pussy placing them on my clit. I begin masturbating with your hand, slowing circling my clit at first then getting faster the closer I get to climax. 

You whisper into my ear, telling me what a good, little slut I am for using your fingers for my pleasure. You then bite down on my ear lobe and that what I need to push me over the edge. I come all over your fingers, my body vibrating and pressing back into yours, my arse grinding into your crotch. I release your hand but it stays pressed against my pussy, you move your fingers relentlessly against my swollen sensitive bud. I cry out unable to take any more and that’s when you slide your hard cock past my arse cheeks and into my still spasming pussy.

I wake up with a start. My mouth dry, my heart racing and my pussy aching. I look across at the empty bed next to me. 

That was one hell of a dream.

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