The Club Promoter Part 2 by @FantasySir

Here we have the special treat I promised you for sticking with me throughout #NaBloPoMo.

So I was stuck on a story a few weeks ago , I got halfway through it and just couldn’t think how to end it. I had the idea that it would be quite cool to team up with someone else and do a sort of co-op story. One half written by me and the other half written by someone else. I shared this idea with Twitter and the lovely @FantasySir decided to accept my challenge. I found an ending to that story but there was one I had already written, The Club Promoter, that needed a part two. 

I suggest you go read that first then come back here and read @FantasySir’s debut story, it’s pretty hot!

Don’t forget to let him know what you think by leaving a comment below.

My job was simple, entice women to come into the club by any means necessary. Usually this would be lightly flirting to get their interest, offer them a few free shots then be back on my merry way to find a new group of slightly intoxicated women to bring back. 

This evening was slightly different.

I would normally avoid the advances of those I am taking into the club, but tonight you caught my eye and took my breath away. The look you gave me when I was speaking to your friends told me all I needed to know. I wanted you, and you wanted me, but I had a job to do and you had a night to enjoy with your friends. Each time I brought someone new into the club I made sure you were still there. 

As the night came to an end I waited, leant against the wall, and then there you were walking towards me. The sway of your hips in that black skirt, the white top clinging to your breasts slightly damp from an evening of dancing, and the eyes still telling the same story as they had a few hours earlier.
You ask me for a light, which unlike me I didn’t have, but your next question asking for a kiss is the one I wanted to hear. My lips meet yours, gentle at first but my want and desire for you, matched by your own for me leads it to something a lot more passionate. 

My tongue searching for yours, my hand cupping your arse feeling the lack of panties as my cock begins to grow pressing into you. As we break off I see your shortness of breath, you grab my hand leading me to a night of sweat and deeply satisfying sex. 

 After you have brought me to the edge, its my turn. Teasing around your damp lips enjoying the look of anticipation in your face, I finally brush against your clit sending a surge of pleasure through your body. I slowly slip a finger inside of you feeling your pussy draw it in as I begin to move it out and in again. I move my hand faster, my thumb brushing your clit with every thrust as I add another finger into you. My urge to taste you is too great and I sink to my knees in front of you, undoing your skirt so it puddles at your feet. Hooking one leg over my shoulder I lean in, my tongue tasting your wet pussy before moving upwards to your clit. Flicking it with the tip of my tongue as my fingers slide back inside of you. Your hips push down on my fingers as I begin to suck on your clit, your hands running through my hair pulling my face harder against you as I switch between sucking your clit and flicking my tongue against it. 

Your body begins to shake, groans burst from your lips as you get closer and closer to the edge. I do the unexpected, one finger coated in your juice gently probes your tight arse hole, just the tip entering but the added stimulation of this along with my tongue playing with your clit and my fingers in your wet pussy send you over the edge. My face getting coated in your cum as you shake and quiver sliding down the door, unable to stand any longer. 

You look in my eyes, and none of the desire or lust has gone but intensified.

I get to my feet, bend down and pick you up in my arms. My cock hard and coated in precum waiting for the chance to fill you up. You direct me to the bedroom where we can both sate our ever increasing desire. 

Laying you on the bed I slowly finish undressing you, gazing down at your beautiful naked body. I shed my remaining clothes, leaning down and kissing you. My hands cup your breasts, rolling your nipples between my fingers drawing elicit gasps from you. My hands work down your body, slowly parting your legs, you look at me your eyes begging for my cock to fill you up. I move my body on top of yours, my cock at the entrance of your wet pussy. I slide in to you, your tight cunt drawing me in, a gasp escaping from both of us. 

I begin to slowly move in and out of you, my cock filling you, I lift your legs round my shoulders to get deeper penetration. I thrust into you, deeper and harder. Our eyes meet and we can both see that the other is getting closer and closer to the edge. I roll onto my back, dragging you top of me. Your hips start to move as my hands roam your body, I lift my hips to meet yours. With one final thrust we cum together your juices covering my cock and mine filling you up. 

Collapsing on my chest I run my fingers through your hair as we take deep breaths, our mutual satisfaction eminent. We lay in bed like that for a while, eventually I get up and gather my clothes, dressing swiftly. You look at me with sleepy satisfied eyes, I wink, “See you next week.”

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