My First Sex Toy – Jessica Rabbit Slim Review

This is the final review in the My First Sex Toy series.
You can see the other reviews here, Rocks Off 100mm Soft Tip Bullet and Loving Joy Deluxe Pearl Rabbit.

So onto today’s review.

Jessica Rabbit Slim


First of all the box it comes in is pretty flimsy, it actually fell apart when I opened it, the toy is housed in a plastic mold. It’s not the discreetest box to keep in a drawer, think it would of been better if the packaging was less obvious or if it came with a storage bag. It is 9inches long, not 9.5 like the website says, the insertable part of the shaft is 4 inches / 10 cm long and the circumference is 3.5 inches / 9 cm.


It is made of a skin safe, phthalate and latex free rubber. As it is made of rubber it means it is porous so shouldn’t be shared unless you use a condom with it. Cleaning it with an anti bacterial soap is a must as well, I used the Lelo Toy Cleaner before the first use and after every time I used it.

It is operated by 4 AAA batteries, it can drain the battery life quite quickly so I would recommend getting rechargeable ones.


In the shaft it has 4 rows of rotating balls, there are 6 different reversible rotation speeds for these. There’s also 6 fucmtions and vibrations for the bunny ears, ranging from slow to fast to different types of pulse.


All these functions are operated by the buttons on the base, you can have just the balls rotating or just the bunny ears vibrating or both at the same time, I found that if the batteries were running low then it would just stop working altogether if I tried to use both at the same time, which was quite frustrating.

On the website the Jessica Rabbit Slim is described as the perfect toy for sex toy virgins. I have to say I completely agree with this statement.
I absolutely love this toy. It is slim enough so it is not at all intimidating for a first time user.
The bunny ears fit perfectly against my clitoris and I found the vibrations to be pretty strong. My favourite function being the bunny ears on the fastest vibration setting. I found what worked best for me was when the toy is inserted to rotate it ever so slightly to the left and right, this provided excellent clitoral stimulation and a pretty amazing orgasm.
The only issue I have with this toy is the fact that even though it is slim, I have quite a tight vagina so when inserted the speed of the rotating balls wasn’t as strong as they were outside, during orgasm I even clenched hard enough that I managed to stop them rotating all together. Also as the toy is made of rubber it can be quite catchy on the skin so I used a water based lubricant like Loving Joy Slide Lubricant which stopped this from happening. For Charlie’s First Sex Toy I would give this an 8 out of 10.

Out of the three toys I have tried over this series this one is definitely my favourite and the one I will be using over and over again. I highly recommend it for anyone’s first sex toy.


*This product was sent to me for free in exchange for an honest review. A shortened version of this review will appear on the Sex Toy website*

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