In The Pool

Doing this whole NaBloPoMo / 28 posts in 28 days thing has meant that I have been finding it quite difficult to come up with 28 original things to actually write about. Today I have decided to give myself a break and steal an idea from another blogger, I’m sure he won’t mind.

When Exhibit A wrote this post about the things that people had typed into a search engine to find his blog, he picked his 10 favourite and asked his readers to pick on which he would write a story about. Lust Fish was the winner and he did a brilliant job turning a bizarre prompt into a very hot story.
I took the search term Busy Toilet Wank and turned that into a story.
I wasn’t the only one to join in, Ella Dawson used the prompt (first)Fuck of the year and Jilly Boyd used her own search terms to create her story The Catalyst.

That is what I am going to do today, I love looking through the search terms that people have used to find my blog because of my name I get a surprising amount of ones relating to swimming pools.
For example:
Dick watching at the pool,
The art of sex at the pool,
Pictures only of guys and their dicks in pools,
Nice pool cock,
And my personal favourite, soft cock by the pool.

The weird thing is I have never actually written anything about pools on this blog, the “in the pool” in my name is related to living in Liverpool.

So those search terms have inspired this story and hopefully next time someone finds my blog with a swimming pool related search term they will no longer be disappointed.

In The Pool

It was the last night of our holiday and tonight was the night we fulfilled the fantasy I had been having all week, ever since I saw it I knew I wanted to have sex in the swimming pool.
It was an infinity pool, situated right on the edge of the hotel’s grounds, hidden away from the rest of the complex and it had the most amazing views of the farmland below and the surrounding mountains.
It was a balmy night, the sky was so clear that a million stars shone down on us as we walked hand in hand towards it. I could tell you were nervous about getting caught in the act but seeing how turned on just the thought of it was making me along with your lust to never deny me any pleasure spurred you on.

As the pool came into view I couldn’t contain my excitement anymore. I ran towards it, stopping right on the edge. I dipped my toe in the water, causing a ripple across the calm moon lit surface. I turned around to see you a few feet away watching me, with a flash of my cheekiest grin, I pulled my sundress over my head to reveal that I was naked underneath and dived into the pool.

When my head emerged above the water I could see you had just finished removing your clothes and were preparing to jump in. I swam over to the edge of the pool and stared at the beautiful view below. The splash behind me alerted me to the fact that you had eventually joined me in the cool water.

You swam over to where I was and stood behind me, you placed your lips in that sensitive spot just below my ear, kissed your way down onto my neck and shoulders as your hands snaked around my waist and up to my breasts, my nipples already hard with anticipation of your touch. I could feel your hardening cock pressing into my
lower back.

I needed to feel your lips against mind so I span myself to face you, linking my arms around your neck for support. As I kissed you ferociously I slowly slid my pussy lips along your hard shaft, you groaned into me. I knew I could tease you like this for a while but I was too desperate for your dick. I needed that feeling of being completely filled. I repositioned myself so that your cock was at the entrance to my throbbing, waiting pussy. I gasped as you thrust your entire length into me, my pussy stretching to accommodate it, it was an amazing feeling I never got bored of.
You placed one hand under my arse and the other on the edge of the pool to give yourself leverage to thrust into me harder and harder.
The only sounds that could be heard was our breathing quickening, the water lapping around us and the moans of ecstasy as I started to come. I had to bite my lip to stop myself from screaming your name. Your pace never let up so as my second orgasm crashed over me, my pussy spasming hard around your cock it was enough to push you over the edge. A loud groan escaping your mouth as you pumped all your spunk into me.

You hugged my body to yours, knowing that I only needed a few minutes to recover then I would be ready to continue, the night was still young and there were so many other things I had fantasised about doing in a swimming pool.

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3 Responses to In The Pool

  1. Hudson Grant says:

    Good writing makes you imagine it happening. In this case, it is closing my eyes and imagining I’m the ‘you’ in the story. It works. It’s a wonderful fantasy.

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