My First Sex Toy – Loving Joy Deluxe Pearl Rabbit Review

This is the 2nd sex toy review in my quest to find the perfect first sex toy, you can view the first review of the Rocks Off 100mm Soft Tip Bullet here.

So let’s get started on the Loving Joy Deluxe Pearl Rabbit

First of all it comes in a sturdy box, if you take the card board sleeve off it makes it quite a nice, discreet storage box.

It comes with a little slip of paper with the instructions on. The instruction are ok if you can get over the bad use of the english language, here’s an example of one of the instruction:
It needs to lock product when you don’t use it. Avoid to lose power to affect next time using.


Ok, onto the specifications.
The deluxe pearl is made of a firm, skin safe silicone. This means it should only be used with water based lube. I think it’s quite an attractive vibrator and I wasn’t intimidated by the size, which has been my main issue with trying to find my ideal first sex toy, I was actually really excited to give it a try.


It has 10 different functions via 3 vibrating motors, in the shaft, the rabbit ears and in the handle. It’s fairly simple to use, press the top button for the shaft to vibrate, press the bottom button for the handle to vibrate and press the middle button for both. Hold any of these buttons down for 3-5 seconds and that turns it off.

The deluxe pearl is a rechargeable toy and has an easy connect magnetic charger. It takes up to 2 hours to fully charge so as soon as I opened the box I placed it on charge and waited. According to the poorly written instructions, it is fully charged when the blue lights in the the handle stop flashing, which was slightly confusing as after an hour the lights would stop flashing for a short period of time then start again, this continued even when the toy had been on charge for over two hours. It’d had its allotted time, even though the lights would still flash so I couldn’t wait any longer.

After inserting it, I first played around with the shaft vibrations, they were ok, they didn’t feel particularly strong to me, scrolling through the different setting felt nice but not orgasmic. Then I tried out the handle vibrations and I definitely enjoyed these setting a lot more, they were a lot stronger and vibrated down the shaft which gave some great G spot stimulation.
I could feel my orgasm building and then suddenly it was gone, I had lost it completely and the reason for this is the rabbit ears.

First of all they didn’t reach right up to my clitoris, the shape of the toy obviously isn’t suited to my body. Also the shape of the ears had quite a big effect, they are slim and quite flat, which some people might like but the only way I can describe how they felt to me is jabby, after a while they actually started to hurt which is obviously a big turn off and is what made me lose my orgasm.
The only way I could climax with this toy was to put my fingers between my clitoris and the ears and stimulate myself that way while using the handle vibrations.
So on a whole this toy was a bit of a disappointment really.

For Charlie’s first sex toy, I would give this a 3 out of 10 the same as the RO 100mm Bullet.

Next time I will be reviewing the Jessica Rabbit Slim.

*This product was sent to me for free in exchange for an honest review. A shortened version of this review will appear on the Sex Toys website*

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