Imagination – #MasturbationMonday


I totally agree with the above statement.

When you have been single as long as I have, having an imagination when masturbating is vital.

It really depends on what mood I’m in when masturbating as to what I imagine.

Sometimes it can be imagining a guy I have previously fucked.
Remembering how amazing his hard cock felt in my tight pussy, thrusting in to me harder and harder. Imagining him on top of me again, holding me down hard enough that he leaves bruises.

I can imagine a guy I want to fuck.
Picturing the way he will go down on me. Will he insert a finger in my pussy while he’s doing it? Will he insert a 2nd or 3rd? Or even insert one into my arse? That again depends on what sort of mood I’m in.

It is nice to have a helping hand when masturbating sometimes and for me this usually comes in the form of receiving dick pics, then my imagination can just run wild and that’s when stories like Busy Toilet Wank happen.

Sometimes though, I think having a vivid imagination can be a bad thing. Take for example my relationship with Hobbit Boy, I spent so long imagining and masturbating over how good I thought sex with him would be, sadly when we finally did do it I was extremely disappointed.


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2 Responses to Imagination – #MasturbationMonday

  1. Hudson Grant says:

    Our imagination is the most remarkable sexual aid we have – it can take us anywhere, with anybody, doing anything. And maybe maybe you’ve given me some ideas for tonight 🙂

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