Me? A Sex Blogger?

So yesterday the lovely people over at Wank Of The Day named me as their sex blogger of the month! I was thrilled, they said it’s not as good as a BAFTA but it still means a hell of a lot that people actually enjoy my writing, no matter how many times people tell me they like this blog I still find it hard to believe.

The things is I’ve never considered myself as a sex blogger mainly because I don’t have enough sex and that in my mind is exactly what a sex blogger writes about. I only had sex twice last year that’s not nearly enough to write about so it makes me feel like a bit of a fraud to be classed as one.

I’m not really sure what type of blogger I would class myself as.
A relationship blogger? Nope, need to have relationships for that.
An autobiographical blogger? Well I’ve started writing erotic fiction now so that’s a no.
An emotional blogger? Definitely, but I’m trying to get better at that and not to write when I am upset or depressed.

When I first started this blog I had no idea where it would go and definitely never thought this is where it would be 18 months later. I guess that’s why I struggle to place myself in the category of sex blogger.

I am just me and I blog about whatever I fancy however random it might ultimately be.

I have to say though that despite my doubts over whether I actually belong in it, I am very happy that I have been welcomed into and included in such an amazing community of sex bloggers.


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3 Responses to Me? A Sex Blogger?

  1. Congratulations on the reward and just keep on doing what you do and being yourself ūüôā

    Rebel xox

  2. fronbow says:

    Awesome, congratulations on the award. Whatever kind of blogger you are, it’s nice reading your perspective on things!

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