Squirting: A Feminist Issue?

There have been lots of people blogging about the subject of female ejaculation / squirting over the past few months.
First it was deemed unsavoury for our viewing and banned from porn by the UK government (along with face sitting as it has been deemed life threatening which I think is just absurd).
Now we are being told that squirting is actually just us urinating ourselves by some people that conducted a study on a whole 7 women!
I will not post a link to that study but I will link to some other blogs about this subject.

Yes Squirting Is Real And It’s Not Pee by Penny’s Dirty Thoughts

No Shame In Squirting #NotPee by Kayla Lords

How I Know Squirting Is Real And Also Not Pee by Hey Epiphora

And we also have a mans view on squirting by Exhibit A

This article in The Guardian called The question isn’t if female ejaculation is real, it’s why don’t you trust women to tell you, is what sparked the idea and title of this post.

“Why is there still an assumption that women can’t understand or describe what we experience during sex? It’s perfectly clear to any women who has ejaculated that doing so is a unique experience unto itself.”

Now I do not consider myself an expert on squirting, I have only done it twice but I have done it and honestly the first time I was quite shocked as I didn’t think I could.
I was in bed masturbating and decided to change from my usual position of lying on my back to kneeling on the bed with my legs spread as far as they would comfortably go. I had two fingers thrusting into my pussy, hitting my g spot with every thrust in and my other hand was playing with my clitoris. I could feel my orgasm building, just as I was about my climax, I felt a gush, for want of a better word and my hand was suddenly soaked. I was curious to what had happened so once I had finished climaxing I looked down between my legs and there on the bed was a large, wet patch and as my sheets are black I could see it was slightly milky in colour. I know for a fact that I didn’t pee myself, the colour, smell and texture of it was completely different, I had also been to the toilet before I started.

“Insisting that female ejaculation is really just confused urination doesn’t just denigrate women’s ability to understand our own bodies, it also positions female sexual pleasure as filthy, dirty and ultimately less than the celebrated male orgasm.”

Now back to the title of this post.
Is female ejaculation a feminist issue?

It is a completely natural bodily function that happens to some women, the majority of the time it can not be controlled. No women should feel ashamed for squirting, no women should feel inadequate because she can’t squirt. It really shouldn’t be classed as a feminist issue but telling women they are just peeing themselves (like we don’t know what that actually feels like) and banning it from porn when it is the only visual representation of the female orgasm now makes it a feminist issue. It’s just another way of denying and censoring women of their sexuality and sexual pleasure.

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19 Responses to Squirting: A Feminist Issue?

  1. Hudson Grant says:

    Squirting is indeed real. I remember as a boy reading Fanny Hill, in which there is a scene involving female ejaculation – and reading afterwards that this was made up and not something that could happen. But of course it does, with some women in some settings. I have come across it with at least two overs, and there is something rather beautiful about it. No woman should feel any pressure, but neither should any woman want to deny it. It can be one of the rather special moments of good sex.

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