Kitchen Table

I awake with a start. It was feeling the empty void next to me that woke me up. I’m so use to waking up with your arm around me, your body warming me and your cock pressing into my lower back.
The sounds from downstairs start to filter through my sleepy haze. The sound of cupboards closing and a kettle being filled.

Ever since I first saw your kitchen and it’s solid looking wooden table I knew exactly what I wanted to happen there.

I drag myself out of the warm bed, the scene of so many fucks, grab your tshirt off the chair to cover my naked body from the morning chill and make my way into your kitchen.
I sneak up behind you and put my arms around your waist. You spin around to face me which makes your dressing gown open up slightly. That little trail of hair leading all the way down past your belly button peaking through. I run my hand along the opening and let it slide between your cool skin and the rough fabric, pulling you closer to me.

“I’ll make you a cup of tea then lets go back to bed” You growl in my ear.

“I have something better in mind” I reply, while pulling us over to the table.

I jump onto the table, wrapping my legs around you as I pull your head down to kiss you. My hands pull at the belt of the dressing gown, undoing it then pushing it off of your shoulders. It drops to the floor and I can see how hard you are already.
Your hands move up my smooth thighs to reach the bottom of your baggy tshirt, you grab it and pull it over my head, exposing my breasts to the cool air, my nipples instantly erect and straight away your mouth is on one of them, licking and biting, while your hand slides down my body to feel exactly how wet and ready my pussy is for you. I gasp as you push two fingers into me, your thumbs slowly rubbing at my clit.
“Please Ben!” I beg between breaths. You know what I want, what I need. You remove your soaked fingers, pull me forward so my bum is at the edge of the table and then plunge your hard cock into my waiting cunt.
There is no gentleness in your strokes, you pound into me harder and fast knowing that it won’t take me long to cum, it never does when you fuck me like that. You push me down so I am lying flat on my back and moving one of my legs so it is over your shoulder and continue to fuck me as hard as you can. Both my hands are occupied, one pinching my nipples and the other rubbing my clit, the change in position is exactly what I needed to make me fall over the edge. My orgasm crashes over me, I am shouting your name. Feeling me cum, my muscles clenching around your throbbing cock is the precise thing you need and you quickly pull out and shower your cum all over my stomach and breasts.
With both of us panting, you lean down to kiss me and with a massive grin I say “I’ll have that cup of tea now.”

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