A Day In The Life Of

I work as a door to door fundraiser. It’s a very interesting job to say the least.
The easiest way to describe it is bipolar, the good days are really good, the bad days are really bad.
In the summer it’s a boss job, we travel to some beautiful places, get to spend 5 hours walking around in the sunshine talking to people, stopping occasionally for ice cream. In the winter however when the weather is bad, it’s a horrible job to have. I’ve worked in thunder storms, gale force winds when there has been a weather warning for people to stay indoors , hail, snow, 5 hours of constant rain.
The fact that I have raised nearly £80,000 in a year for some incredible charities makes it all worth it, just.

One of the hardest things about my job is people being nasty to us, yes I understand we are sometimes a nuisance but just say to us, no thanks and shut the door, there is absolutely no need to be rude to us, we are just doing a job.

An example of an extreme case of someone being a dick to us: A team of four girls, knocking a street in Blackpool. My TL knocks on a door and the guy behind is furious that she has knocked on his first 8:45pm (we are licensed to knock till 9) She walks away from the door and carries on knocking, the man proceeds to follow her up the street, verbally abusing her. He goes back inside his house, my TL come and finds me in another street and tells me about him. When we return to his street to join the other two girls, he is back outside, storms over to us and gets right in my TLs face, pointing and shouting at her, eventually the police are called because he won’t leave us alone and is screaming the whole street down, neighbours are looking out there windows at us. Obviously when the police arrive they take our side as we have not done anything wrong and the man is escorted back into his house. We were all in shock, what kind of person verbally attacks and acts threatening to 4 female charity workers?!?
I don’t think people realise that sometimes this is quite a dangerous job, one girl was nearly dragged into a house by two men, one girl was held at knifepoint by an elderly woman and one guy was repeatedly kicked by a guy for being English and knocking on door in Wales.

Anyway that’s the really bad side of my job.

Here is a few more random things that have happened to me and my colleagues.
– Talking to a gentleman on a door step and can see behind him into his living room, he has a sex doll sat on the sofa.
– Knock on a door, see the shadow of a women brace herself against the kitchen counter top and stick her arse out, the shadow of a man approaches her.
– Having a naked man answer the door and stand there with everything on show while you pitch.
– Pitching a guy on a door and throughout the entire thing, his hand is down his pants playing with his balls
– Being asked inside to see a mans mother that had died just minutes before hand.
– An elderly women inviting me in the house straight away and all she did was talk to me about dogs, no matter how many times I tried to explain why I was there she managed to bring it back to dogs and she would let me leave until I insisted that my team would be worried about where I was.

It is also quite incredible to learn how some people view the world. We were working in my home town and I knocked on the door of my old P.E. teacher, obviously she didn’t recognise me. Half way through my pitch sh stops me and tells me that she only donates to animal and nature charities because cancer is there to thin the herd!
It’s when I come across people like that it makes me hate people even more than normal, how can you be so ignorant? I really wish I was able to answer back to them, I just said well you have a nice day then and walked away absolutely furious.

Now you’ve had a little insight into what it’s like to be a door to door fundraiser, next time one knocks on your door, even if you are really busy and don’t want to listen to them at least be polite. We are people too.

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