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Do you remember having to do those trust exercises at school where you would have to fall backwards and people would catch you? I could never do it, even with my best friends I couldn’t do it. It’s not that I didn’t trust them, it’s just that I really didn’t want to fall backwards!

Trust is a tricky thing though, like the picture above says, it takes years to make, seconds to break and a lifetime to repair.
I have written about someone breaking my trust a couple of months ago. It has made me particularly wary about who I can trust, even more so with what has happened recently.

I am a trusting person in general. I hate that I still have issues ingrained into me from being cheated on by The Ex especially now as we have been apart more than 6 years. The thing is I’ve never really had the chance to put my trust in a man since The Ex, that’s the main problem with being permanently single.

I have a friend that lost her faith and trust in men so much that she went off them completely and was with girls for 6 years. She has now found a man that has restored her trust in men and they are blissful happy.

That is what I want.
I want a man that can prove to me that he is worth trusting.
I want a man I can trust to be honest with me.
I want a man who I can trust to know my limits but to still push at my boundaries, intellectually and more importantly sexual.
I just want to be able to trust someone completely and with all my heart.
Obviously I want a man that can trust me to do all these things to.

Whether I am in just a casual sexual relationship with a man or it is love, trust is the most important thing to me and if you break my trust, more fool you.



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8 Responses to Trust – #WickedWednesday

  1. understandingflutterby says:

    Trust is everything, regardless of circumstance, I believe anyway. I always say I don’t have trust issues but I am incredibly wary of whom I trust, and with what.x

  2. Like you, I am a trusting person, but through being hurt over and over again by people i trusted, it has made me more careful as to who I trust. It’s sad actually, that I have to guard myself like this to make sure I am not hurt to the same extent again.

    I wish for you to find that special man 🙂

    Rebel xox

  3. Molly says:

    I absolutely agree with you, trust is absolutely key to a successful relationship


  4. Kayla Lords says:

    I don’t trust anyone. Well, that’s not true. I trust people to be basically decent and not raging murderers. That being said, I don’t trust anyone with personal details, secrets, etc. until they’ve proven themselves to me. It’s kind of a hard life, but like anything else, it’s a protective shell.

    But, when you find the person who’s worthy of trust, life becomes so amazingly different and better. I hope that you find that person and that you trust yourself enough to place your trust in them. 🙂

  5. I think I’m reasonably trusting but, then, I’m a pretty open person on many levels. That said, there are some things that I will hold very close until, as Kayla says, the person in question has proven themselves to me. I like to give people the benefit of the doubt but I’m also a big believer in gut feelings. Sometimes it doesn’t matter how trustworthy a person might appear on the surface – if something is telling me otherwise, then I always heed the internal warning. Jane xxx

  6. You almost seem to argue with yourself and the examples at times.
    However, I hope you find the trust that makes a strong relationship – you are so right how it is key.

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