Will you be my valentine?

In 12 days it will be Valentine’s Day, the day that all singles dread, apparently. I’ve never really been that bothered by it even when I was in a relationship. Why should you show your love for a person on just one specific day of the year?

This year however Valentine’s Day is quite a significant day, it will be my grandparents 56th wedding anniversary and it will also be the first Valentine’s Day since my wonderful grandad passed away in the summer. It will be my grandma’s first time spending it alone, this will be the first time in over 56 years that she doesn’t received a card.
I’ve been thinking about how hard it is going to be for her so this year I am going to send her a Valentine’s card so she knows she it not alone in missing him.

Deciding to do this also got me thinking about all the other people who are alone, like my grandma, like myself. Why should Valentine’s Day be just for couples in love? Why can’t it be about love in general, love for friends, love for family?

I’ve been feeling pretty low lately and I thought there’s no better way to make me happy than making other people happy so I had a brilliant idea (I say this now) to try and spread some love and happiness by asking you all to be my valentine. February is also International Correspondence Writing Month so this fits in with that too.

So if you are single like me and have no guy in your life that cares about you even a little bit to send you a card or know you won’t get a card from your significant other or you just like to receive things in the post. Let me know, I will be sending out cards to anyone who would like one, wherever they are in the world.
Just email your name and address to unmannedme@outlook.com

Much love,


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4 Responses to Will you be my valentine?

  1. I don’t like Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Valentine’s Day or any other day that has been commercialized and where people forgot that indeed, we should love each other every day, a mother or father should be special every day. I absolutely love your idea to make Valentine’s Day for singles too, but even then it doesn’t have to be on Valentine’s Day but one can tell someone else on any given day that they like or love the other. Kindness should not be limited to only one day per year, right?

    Rebel xox

    • Charlie says:

      I totally agree with you. My idea just ties in with Valentine’s Day. I’m not just trying to make it for singles, I’m trying to make it for everyone. Love is love at the end of the day, whether it’s for a partner, a family member or a friend. ūüėÉ

  2. abbirode says:


    I’m getting a card from Charlie!
    I used to do this all the time, send them to my parents, my best mates, my sister… dunno why I stopped?
    Anyway, I fucking hate Valentine’s day. And I’d love a card from you darlin.
    Big fat Irish address on the way to you.

    Abbi xxxx

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