Hey Mr DJ

I had hoped when I first wrote about The DJ it was going to be because of us spending a great night together. Alas that has not happened.
I don’t even remember how we started talking, I know my love of his beard was mentioned and I think it went from there.
We started sexting pretty much straight away. I should of known it was never going to end well.
I hadn’t heard from him in over a week, which I thought was strange as he was the one who normally messaged me first. So after him not even reading my whatsapp messages I DM’ed him on Twitter, once yesterday morning asking if he was ok and a second time in the evening asking if he was ignoring me. After not getting a response from either message I clicked on his profile and he had blocked me, just like that. No explanation, no nothing.

Its not the fact that he doesn’t want to talk to me anymore that bothers me, it’s how he went about it.
You want to know how “crazy girls” are created? It’s when a guy, even though a lot of the conversations are sexual, you still consider them a friend, blatantly ignores them and then blocks them on every social media platform, including Instagram! Seriously WTF?
Men who do this,(I understand some women do this too but I’m ranting right now) you need to grow some fucking balls.
After some of the conversations we had where we shared our depression and anxiety issues, I really thought we had become friends. He was even the one to help me with my anxiety issues before my Everest.

Why he ended up treating me like a piece of shit still escapes me? Maybe it’s what I deserve. I know it will definitely make me so much more wary of getting to know guys off of Twitter, like I didn’t have enough trust issues as it is.

Thinking about it I know exactly why he’s acted like this, it’s because he is too much of a coward to just tell me what he wants, what may have been a difficult conversation for him to start with would of made it so much more amicable. The thing is if he had just told me he didn’t want to talk to me anymore I would of been sad to stop talking to him but understanding of that decision. I would never have blogged about him at all, it’s how he’s gone about it that has pissed me right off.

I’m so fed up of being walked all over by men that aren’t even worth it.

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3 Responses to Hey Mr DJ

  1. barnumbull says:

    You don’t deserve this, I promise you. I had a very similar (and I mean VERY similar experience) with a woman I was close to on Twitter etc in a previous life. She disappeared for four months, leaving me to worry myself sick, and when she returned just blocked me. It was horrible.

    They don’t have the courage to talk, but yet we’re the one’s left hurting. I’m genuinely sorry you’ve been treated so badly, and understand the anger. Rant away as much as you need to.

  2. Amy says:

    I completely get what you mean here and think you have it right. I had a one-nighter with someone from a different dept of my work after being introduced on a night out. We swapped numbers and I hoped we would become at least friends if not FWBs. At this point in my life I loved being single and was not looking for a relationship- in fact I was actively looking to make new friends in a new place. I txtd him a couple of times after and never got an answer. I believe he thought I wanted more than just sex, but he never asked me! Maybe he has some false assumptions about what women want from men, and wanted to avoid any awkward conversations so just went silent. I now work in his department and see him at work and on nights out, we speak casually but I avoid one-to-one situations and have never mentioned it to him in case I end up laying into him!

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