The Club Promoter

I had spoken to you only once and that was tonight when you were trying to persuade my friends and I that we wanted to spend the rest of our night out in your club. You flirted with them exactly like I had seen you flirt with every other girl that crosses your path while you are working but it was the burning fire in your eyes that I saw when you looked only at me that made me know that you wanted me right there and then.

Little did you know that I had wanted you from the first time I saw you.
I watch you most nights from my window, flirting with girls trying to get them into your club. The way you strut around the street, so full of confidence.
I have fantasised about you and all the things I would do to you.
I have decided that tonight is the night I finally have you.
So we enter the club, led by you. Free shots for me and my friends. You can’t take your eyes off me, I dressed especially for you, a crisp white top that accentuates my breasts, a twirly black skirt that shows just enough leg and no knickers.
I enjoy my night out with my friends, drinking and dancing to the cheesy music knowing full well that my night is going to end hotter and sweater than I could ever imagine.
As the night winds down, the club starts to close, we all go out for a cigarette and you are there waiting for me. Leant against a wall looking all James Dean with your quiffed hair and leather jacket. I catch your eye and give you a wink. My friends all pile into a taxi knowing that it’s only a short walk for me back to my flat.
The street is deserted apart from you and me. I slowly approach you, asking if you have a light. It turns out you don’t so I ask for a kiss instead.
You step forward, your hands going around my waist, pulling me towards you. The twinkle in your eye, the smell of you, the taste of your lips. It’s more intoxicating than any alcohol I’ve ever had.
What starts out as one of the softest kisses turns into something so much more animalistic. The way your tongue probes mine, one of your hands on my arse, the other in my hair, both pulling me into you. The bulge I can feel pressed against my hip.
I eventually manage to break away from your grasp, I don’t know if it’s the alcohol or your kiss but I suddenly feel very light headed.
I take your hand and lead you away from the glare of the clubs neon signs.
Back at my flat, as soon as we are in the door I have you pressed up against it, I can’t get enough of you, I have to taste your cock. I kneel down and have a fight with the buckle of your belt, soon your jeans are pooling around your ankles, your hard cock standing proud infront of my face.
I tease you by licking slowly from your heavy balls to the tip of your shaft, I pause at the end, looking up at you. Your eyes are half closed in anticipation for what is to come. I flick my tongue over the head of your cock and watch your whole body shudder. I then take your whole cock in my mouth as slowly as I dare. Breathing in the scent of your arousal.
I keep working on your cock, licking, sucking, devouring it. Both of your hands are in my hair, working your cock deeper into my throat.
All of a sudden you hold my head still, slowly disconnecting my mouth from your cock. You pull me upright, spin me around, pressing my back against the hard door as you kiss me.
One hand holding my wrists above my head, the other works its way slowly down my body, cupping my firm breast as it slides further down to the hem of my skirt. Lifting it up you move your hand up my smooth leg and find my pussy, knicker free and dripping wet.

To Be Continued….

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2 Responses to The Club Promoter

  1. barnumbull says:

    Top tip: don’t read this just before going into a meeting…

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