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So here we are, my 100th post on this blog.
Due to lack of other ideas, I thought it would be fun (turns out it’s actually quite difficult) to answer some questions put forward by you, the people who read this blog. The fact that this blog has been going for nearly a year and a half and people are still interested in what I write amazes me, the fact that people actually had question they wanted to ask me was even more amazing.
So I want to say thank you to everyone who reads this blog and also a big thank you to everyone that submitted the questions.

There are 16 questions in total. I will try to answer each one as honestly as I can, I know some probably warrant a whole post to answer them but I will try to keep the answers as concise as possible.
The questions are answered in the order that I received them.

Do you think that some people are destined to always be single?
My gut instinct when I was asked this question was yes, I don’t think it’s through any fault of their own though. But that is quite a depressing thought to have. I wish I believed that people are destined to be together, that there is someone out there that is made just for us, that soul mates exist but I just can’t. That’s probably because I haven’t even come close to finding a guy that is perfect for me.

Facial hair on men – turn on or off?
Turn on definitely, whether it’s a little stubble or a proper full on beard.
Just a moustache is a bit of a turn off.

If you had a choice which historical figure would you have dinner with?
If I’m honest if this question had been which fictional character, famous person or dead person I would want to have dinner with I would of been able to answer it straight away but historical figure? That’s a hard one.
I guess I would have to pick Jeanne Antoinette Poisson or as she’s also known Madame de Pompadour, mainly because I watched the Doctor Who episode about her last night and she seems like such a fascinating women.

What’s your most attractive feature in your mind?
Looks wise, I would say my eyes and my breasts.
Personality wise, I would say my loyalty and my sense of humour.

Mind or body, which is more important when meeting on a date?
I think both are equally important, I have to be attracted to a person both mentally and physically. Saying that, if someone can’t hold a decent conversation not matter how attractive I find them then that will lead to a pretty dull date and no one wants one of those.

If we were at pheromone party, what would I smell from you?
Ok with this question I had to google what a pheromone party was first.
Basically you sleep in a t-shirt for three days, put it in a bag and take it to a bar where potential dates smell it, if they are drawn to your scent you are then introduced and see what happens. Apparently it’s all about that fact that pheromones are the triggers to sexual attraction. Now this new “dating” concept seems very strange to me. Surely you would pick any t-shirt that didn’t smell of B.O.?
Who the fuck knows what my pheromones would smell like? Desperation? Loneliness? I do know for a fact that if I slept in a t-shirt for 3 days it would probably only smell of smoke, as I normally have a cigarette right before I go to sleep.

Do you swallow?
Yes and no. I think for me it entirely depends on the guy and what kind of mood I’m in. I was with my ex for 4 years and only swallowed his a couple of times, he is a very heavy smoker who eats a hell of a lot of spicy food so I’m sure you can imagine exactly how bad his cum tasted.

If you were a type of biscuit which would you be and why?
I would be a chocolate rich tea biscuit, no idea why. They are just my favourite biscuit.

Do you think you have a type of man you always go for?
I think my blog post My List shows I definitely have a type when it comes to a guys looks, there are a couple that break the mould though. Personality wise my usual type is smart, funny, very geeky, stoner boys. That hasn’t worked out for me so far so I think it might be time to change some of those personality traits.

Something that is a complete sexual Nono for you?
Beasteality, sucking a guys toes and calling someone I have sex with daddy.

Has your blog made you feel differently about sex?
Completely! Writing this blog has opened me up to the world of sex and it has really broadened my view of what sex is really about and how many different types of kink there are.
For example, I was havin a conversation at work the other day, there were three girls and one guy, we all like to think we are pretty opened minded but I was shocked when the guy (who has had sex with over 250 women apparently) and one of the girls (who was a lesbian for 4 years) voiced their opinion that they think men who are straight who like to be pegged are really strange, they said if a man likes to be fucked in the arse why isn’t he just gay? I was pretty shocked by their narrow minded view on this, the thing is if I hadn’t started this blog, I would have probably thought the same. If I hadn’t met and spoken to guys who liked to be pegged and known their reasons for enjoying it, I also would never of understood it. That is exactly what my blog has done for me, opened my mind, made me less judgemental about other peoples sex lives and made me want to try so many different things. My motto now is that I am willing to try anything once (within reason, see answer to the last question)

What is your favourite genre of erotica and why?
This is another difficult question, I think I will have to come back to it properly at a later date as I honesty haven’t read enough erotica to have a definitive favourite genre yet. I do know that I find M/M/F threesome erotica very hot, I am planning a future blog post on the reasons behind this.

Why are you called Charlie in The Pool?
When I originally started this blog it was called Unmanned Me because that’s what I was at the time. From the start I was always Charlie, I wrote about my reasons behind that choice in my post You Can Call Me Charlie.
At the end of this month it will be a year since I changed the name to Charlie in The Pool, the reason behind the name change was because that’s when I finally realised my dream of moving to Liverpool or The ‘Pool as it can be called and I thought it sounded like a good name for the blog at the time.

Who counts as the best sex you’ve ever had? (Have you written about them?)
The Dark Mountain who I mention in this post has to be the best so far. I have never written in any particular detail about sex I have actually had, I’m not sure of my reasons for this, I think it’s mainly because my mind becomes very fuzzy and I can’t remember it all in detail. I will probably do it at some point in the future.

Has anyone you’ve written about found your stuff by accident?
Thankfully no. My Mum’s Ex boyfriend found my Twitter account and he probably read the blog but that’s the closest I’ve came to someone in my real life discovering this blog.

Can you consider giving olives another go? They’re really yum!
Nope, olives are the food of the devil. I do keep trying them every now and then to see if my tastes have changed and they haven’t. I do this with coffee too.

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  1. congratulations on your 100th, and FANTASTIC post. i learned a lot about you, you are deliciously cerebral…

  2. abbirode says:

    Thanks for answering xx

  3. hardwoodballer says:

    interesting read!

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