Change The Subject

I am sick of talking about men!

At work I am on a team with two other girls and all we talk about is their boyfriends and relationship issues. It’s really starting to bug me.

One flips out on her boyfriend when he doesn’t reply to her messages but has gone on Facebook. I understand that this is frustrating, we’ve all been in the situation when you message a guy, he reads it and then doesn’t reply even though you can see he’s been online but I do think she needs to cut him a bit of slack.

The other is with a guy who smokes weed, gambles, is a bad dad to his two kids (from another women), he lies to her and whenever she tries to talk to him about their issues he always starts an argument and gets so angry and shouty, he scares her. Honestly, she could do a lot better and I do not understand why she has put up with him for so long. I guess love is the answer to that.

They do ask me about my love life or lack of it, as I’m still single and nothing of note has happened in my sex life recently I barely get a word in edge ways.

The conversations about these two men happen every single day and have been going on for months now and nothing has changed.

They seem so unhappy and spend more time bitching about their men than praising them that I just don’t get it and I’m quite frankly bored. There are only so many times I can repeat the advice I’m giving them and they aren’t listening to.

We are three intelligent, young women that could be having much more interesting conversations but no it always returns to men!

* This is my 99th post, which means my next post will be my 100th when I will be doing an Ask Charlie Anything so get your questions in by the 14th of January.

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