My Sexual Resolutions

So here we are, Christmas Day.
I am staying at my mothers, she is at work until 3pm today. I am in the house all alone and there are no good Christmas films on the tv so I thought I may as well finish this post.

New Years resolutions are a odd thing to me. The usual ones that people make; stop smoking, go on a diet, exercising more, drinking less alcohol. I should probably do all these things but I never normally make New Years resolutions. I know that by calling them that will mean I will never stick to them. I need to make changes in my life for me not just because its the start of a new year.

Bearing that in mind though this is a post about resolutions that I want to actually stick to. I might be 27 but when it comes to sex, I am still quite inexperienced, I would very much like to change that in 2015. I would like 2015 to be the year of my sexual revolution.

So these are my sexual resolutions.

1. Have more sex – that’s a bit of a given really. My sex life definitely picked up slightly at the end of 2014 but before that for many years it has been fucking dire and I can’t live like that anymore.

2. Have better sex – I’m not saying that the sex I had in 2014 was bad, actually it was far from it but improvements can always be made.

3. Get a sex toy – I am 27 and I have never owned or even used any kind of sex toy, how ridiculous is that?!

4 – Be more confident – This is the main resolution I want to try my hardest to work on.
One thing I’ve realised this year is that sexual confidence is fucking sexy and confidence is the one thing I still lack in every part of my life.
For me it takes a while before I am I completely comfortable with a guy. The first time it is just about needing a penis inside me. It’s a feeling I have missed so much. That feeling of having a man on top of me, kissing me, touching me, his cock filling me up, the slight discomfort I feel a few days afterwards that reminds me of you, of the night we spent together. I don’t even care if I cum, just by remembering that feeling I can make myself come anytime.
The second time we have sex, I’m still nervous. As soon as you touch me my breath starts to quicken. I still lack the confidence though so all the things that I think I should do, all the moves I want to make are haulted by my brain and by me worrying that you might not like it and therefore not like me.
When/If the third times happens though, that is it. I’m going to forget everything my brain is telling me not to do, just in case you don’t like it. I’m just going to do it and see your reaction to it, surely it’s the only way I will learn and build up my sexual confidence.

5.Exploring the Dom/Sub side of me. –
I follow a few Doms and Subs on twitter and I’ve read quite a few bloggers posts on the subject this year. (Normally I would link to said posts but I can’t connect to the wifi at my mums and vodafones parental controls are stopping me from viewing the posts so I may come back and include them at a later date)
I have never been in any sort of relationship where it’s been a thing and I’m curious to know if I fall on a particular side or if I am actually a switch like I think I will most likely be. Having so much trust in someone that you can relinquish all control of yourself and your pleasure just fascinates me.

6. Having sex in places other than a bed. – I really want to explore the exhibitionist side of myself. My current big fantasy probably doesn’t seem like much to other people. I really want to be fucked in my living room, which is overlooked by quite a few other flats, on the sofa or kitchen table, I don’t mind as long as all the blinds are open. The thought of being caught in the act, of being watched by strangers is quite a turn on.

I think that’s it, I’m sure as I start to explore my sexual nature more things will get added to this list.

In the mean time I hope you all have a brilliant Christmas whatever you are doing and have a very happy, hopefully sex filled new year.

Much love,

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5 Responses to My Sexual Resolutions

  1. I can’t wait to read how January starts off!

  2. mcpervy says:

    I love fucking in front of a window when I’m somewhere downtown with the possibility of being watched. I once had sex with a fuck buddy against his huge window adjacent to a freeway over pass and I swear we stopped traffic for a second when a couple cars noticed and slowed down

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