Your Turn – #SinfulStories 2 Competition

Ever since I was a kid, I’ve always had an interest in writing fiction, I have a half written zombie novel in a notebook somewhere. Lately I have tried turning my hand to writing erotic fiction,The notes app on my phone is filled with ideas and half written stories, sadly I have never been able to finish any of my stories, for some reason or another.

So when Exhibit A announced his Sinful Stories 2 Competition, I knew it was the push I needed to actually make me finish a story.

My entry was inspired by our hosts own #SinfulSunday picture Shop Window.

You can view all the other entries here.

I am very nervous about posting this as this is my first proper piece of erotica and I’ve never let anyone read any of my fiction before. Constructive criticism is welcomed. I do hope you enjoy.

Your Turn

Duncan and I had discussed it at length, I trusted him and more importantly he trusted me. The one thing we never discussed was when it was going to happen, he wanted to be taken by surprise. So this is what happened one Sunday night.

I called him up to the bedroom where I sat on the bed in his favourite black lingerie, cuffs in hand and a nervous smile on my face.
He entered, eyes widening at the sight of me and he opens his mouth to ask a question. I cut him off.

“Tonight you will only speak when I say you can speak, got it? And you may only cum when I allow it. Now I want to you strip down to your boxers”

He nods his head in understanding and slowly begins peeling his clothes off. First he loses his T-shirt, chucking it in the corner of the room then ever so slowly he starts unbuttoning the fly of his jeans, the bulge of his cock wrapped in crisp white boxers just peaking through. He pushes the jeans down his hips and kicks them into the corner of the room to join his T-shirt.

That’s when I stood up and kissed him ferociously. I could never get enough of his lips, he tasted savoury and sweet at the same time. I could of stayed like that all night, his big arms encircling me but I had other plans for him. I broke off the kiss, took his hand and led him over to the window.

He raised an eyebrow quizzically at me, obviously wondering what I had planned. I snapped one hand cuff round his wrist, ordered him to loop the other around the curtain poll and then standing on tip toes fixed the other cuff tightly around the other wrist. I stood back to admire the view, there he was, my 6 foot one rugby player, trapped and suddenly looking so vulnerable.



I place myself behind him and planted gentle little kisses along his neck, my fingertips running up and down his back, tracing the line of his spine, the pressure of my kisses increasing as I move down his body, getting closer to that peachy arse of his that I love so much. Pulling his boxers half way down, I feel his cock spring free of its constraints, giving me access to his arse cheeks. I can’t resist kissing one cheek then biting the other, a gasp escapes his mouth as I leave behind teeth marks.

The time had come,

“You have been such a bad boy recently, it’s time for your punishment”

I’m surprised, my voice comes out sounding a lot calmer and steadier than I feel.

I raise myself off the ground and get into position behind him, feet and shoulders set. I raise my hand then let it swing down, slapping his arse tentatively, a quiet growl escapes his mouth, he sticks his arse out even more and I know I have to proceed, harder.

With every hit, the power and force behind my strike grows, the hand marks on his arse become a deeper shade of red, his dick gets harder, my pussy gets wetter and his moans grow louder, the occasionally “fuck” escaping his lips.

As his cock gets harder it inches closer and closer to the cold glass of the window. After maybe the 4th or 5th hit he gasps loudly, I knew he had got so hard his dick was now pressed against the icy pane, a small amount of pre cum now glistened on the window.

The cold from the window and the burning heat from the marks I’m leaving on his arse cheeks make his breath rapid and loud, sweat starting to form along his shoulders, I knew he was close to cumming. It was time for the final step, I grabbed the lube from the bedside table and poured it down his arse crack and over my hand. I ran my fingers up and down between his cheeks before finally stopping on that puckered sweet spot. As I probed at his entrance, his breath caught in his throat. With one hand wrapped around his body, holding on to the base of his cock firmly but unmoving, I slipped my fingers inside him, moving slowly at first then quickening my pace.

“Please Mel! I need to cum! Please!” He said this between gasping breaths.

“Yes, sweet Duncan, you may cum now”

With those words, he started thrusting back on to my fingers, every time he thrust forward his dick pressed firmly against the window and just like that, with an animalistic cry I had never heard from him before, the waves of his orgasm crashing over him, this anus pulsating around my fingers and a great stream of his hot spunk landing on the window, it was done.

I kissed him tenderly on the shoulder, stood back and surveyed the sight before me. His body slumped, his breath was short and ragged, his knees slightly buckled, the cuffs around the curtain pole were the only thing keeping him upright.

After nearly a minute, his breathing had returned to normal, he stood up straight, broad shouldered and tall, turned his head towards me, fixed a steely gaze on me and said “Get me out of these cuffs. It’s your turn now!”


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15 Responses to Your Turn – #SinfulStories 2 Competition

  1. offensiveloverblog says:

    Thinking about this practically, they should consider themselves lucky the curtain rail didn’t come down! If it was attached to plasterboard and poor quality fixings had been used they wouldn’t have stood a chance!

  2. mariasibylla says:

    This is really hot! Not only that, I love the way you describe the characters, how they feel about what’s happening. Great job!

  3. exhibitunadorned says:

    Hot! This might be the first piece of erotica you’ve written, but it *definitely* shouldn’t be the last!

  4. Lace Winter says:

    I’ll second what Exhibit A says… keep it up! I love the way you open up your characters to insecurities and uncertainties, making them more human and real.

    • Charlie says:

      Thank you.
      I wanted the characters to seem believable. Its our insecurities that make us real so wanted that in my story.
      I just need to try and finish the other story ideas I have.

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