Guest Post – Back To The Future by @graymatters1014

Today’s guest post is from Maya, a fairly new blogger, who’s motto on life is Get Real and Always be You, which is a fabulous way to live your life. Her blog is all about G.R.A.Y and showing the world exactly who she is. You can find it here and also follow her on twitter here.

About a year ago I heard someone speak about visiting the past in order to progress to the future. Now, at the time the only way I saw this being accurate was if you’re evaluating your mistakes and determining how you could have improved the situation…or even evaluating successes to determine how to repeat them. I completely disagreed with the fact this could be applied to dating someone with which you’d had a failed relationship. Hell, if something fails why go back to have it fail again….especially when your heart is on the line. If you do what you did you’ll get what you got, right? Little did I know my life would travel down that exact road.

During my junior year of college (a few years ago) I found myself in a relationship I wanted, but for which I wasn’t ready. This person made me laugh like no one else could, treated me better than anyone else would, and loved me exactly how someone should. Yet somehow I just couldn’t accept it and ultimately our relationship ended. There were multiple reasons, but it all boiled down to being unready to give or receive real love. (Show of hands: who else has made this mistake?!)

After a couple reconnects and failures over the years, we’ve recently found ourselves back together. It just seems no matter where we went or who we were with our connection was never broken. Does this mean that if you’re single you should pick an ex and go running back? Probably not.

I’m a firm believer people don’t change, but situations do and as a result their actions might. When you get an opportunity at real love (especially a second opportunity) don’t squander it for ANYTHING. Who knows if you will ever get it back?! I was fortunate enough to get back to mine, but I would guess I’m the exception and not the rule. You may say “if it’s meant to be, it will be” and I agree, but why take the chance of losing it? If you purchase the latest and greatest electronic or hottest fashion trend you don’t intentionally leave it outside to be stolen or destroyed….you protect it and keep it close to the best of your abilities.

I say all of that to say: 1) Don’t let real love slip away, but if you do may not be impossible to get it back. 2) If your love is valuable and important to you, protect it with every ounce of you. 3) Not all love is created equal and not everyone loves the same, so not all people from your past deserve to be in your future. You should really believe it’s the right path before traveling back down it or you could end up right where you started.

Sometimes the past needs to stay there, but occasionally it becomes a future brighter than you could have ever imagined!

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