November Guest Posts

On the 8th of October I wrote a blog post asking for guest writers for my blog.

I wanted/didnt expect more than four guest posts and my god you have out done yourselves! I originally had 8 guest posts to share with you all throughout November but as I have already published @lancedangerous‘s post First Time because it was so perfect for a #WickedWednesday, I now have 7 amazing posts to share.

At first I asked for guest writers because I thought it would be great to showcase other people’s writing and help drive more views to my blog and to each of theirs. Now I am considering the month of November to be a holiday from my blog, my annual leave shall we call it. As I have so many great guest posts to share with you, there will be no new blog posts from me till December. This is the plan anyway, as someone who is a self confessed “emotional blogger” we will just have to wait and see if I can stick to this.

Below I have listed the blog titles, who they are written by (with links to their own blogs so do check them out) and the date that it will be published. It was suggested to me to post them in the order that I received them but I haven’t, they are in no particular order.

I must ask that you please comment on each post when it is published, show your appreciation and let the writer know what you thought of their post.
I would like to thank everyone who has contributed a post, I am utterly amazed so many people wanted to take part.
I am so excited for this, I hope you all are too!
Much Love,
Charlie x

*Update 21/11/14 – I had a guest post arrive last minute so the dates of the final 3 posts have changed.*

01/11/14 – The Worst Year Of My Life by MummyTries

05/11/14 – Back To The Future? By GRAYMatters

10/11/14 – Every Man Wanks by OffensiveLover

15/11/14 – Always The Other Woman by LauraJaynesAdventures

20/11/14 – Love And Friendship by HornyGeekGirl

24/11/14 – Don’t Let Depression Out-run You by Beth Rees

27/11/14 – A Strange Nostalgia by KiltedWookie

30/11/14 – Cupboards and Boxes by The Scottish One

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3 Responses to November Guest Posts

  1. Well, that’s 5 new blogs for me to check out…


  2. I look forward to the posts and like Kilted Wookie, I see I have new blogs to explore ūüôā

    Rebel xox

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