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During November my blog is going to be host to a few guest writers, this post was going to be one of them but as soon as I received it I knew it would be perfect for this weeks #WickedWednesday so with his permission to include it in this meme, I have decided to post it a couple of days early.

So, here we have my first ever guest post, my blogs first ever #WickedWednesday post , @lancedangerous ‘s first time writing a blog post and its all about his first time. What more could you want?!
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The First Time.

What a massive thing that statement represents. Never the same from one person to another, some do it when they’re fifteen, others maybe when they’re fifty. But no matter the age, at that moment, that intimate time feels like the stars are aligning, and that your whole life has led to this undoubtedly magic and mythical act. A dick going in a pussy.

And of course, while we ourselves expect it to be a marathon lovemaking session in a big four-poster bed with satin sheets and a montage of fireworks and trains going into tunnels, it’s inevitably portrayed in the media as this awkward thing where there’s a quick fumble, a few thrusts and two people being left thoroughly disappointed by the whole event to the point where they should swear off sex until they read The Joy Of Sex from cover to cover. And this is how it’s been posited to generations, that they should be ready to be emotionally (and maybe physically) crushed after their first time, to the point where they go and join UKIP.

But what they – usually the Daily Mail – don’t understand is the way it’s so individual, in the same way that some people enjoy filet mignon and others like a Big Mac. Some only like missionary, others like to be tied up like a fly in a spider’s web. There are even some mental guys out there that don’t like going down on a girl (and some insane girls who don’t like a guy going down on them). But I digress, there is a point to this, and it’s this: my first time was fucking great. Like seriously amazing. Now this doesn’t mean that I was instantly John Holmes (or James Deen for the younger generations) and that it had a panel of middle-aged Swiss guys holding up “10” cards at the end. But for me – and as far as she told me, for her – it was, so quote the kids, “sick”*

So I’d met this girl in a chatroom and after chatting for a while on the phone, we decided we liked each other enough to meet. This wasn’t intended necessarily as a hook-up, or maybe it was on her point and I was naive, but I invited her to come and stay with me for a weekend. We got on like the proverbial house on fire, and we sat around watching movies and chatting as I do with pretty much all my friends, but nothing really happened until we went to sleep and I woke up with a tongue in my mouth. Amazing. It was on.

She was a really good kisser, and while we made out my hand made it to her right breast. She moaned a little as I pulled her bra aside and played with her nipple, loving the feel of it hardening between my fingers. I instinctively moved my head down and took her nub into my mouth, sucking on it for a little bit before releasing it from my lips and lapping at it, which elicited the kind of moans that made me feel like I was the greatest lover in the world. While she took her bra off and I starting working on the other neglected nipple, my hand went southward and slipped between her legs, rubbing her through her encouragingly wet panties.

By the time my hand slipped inside she was soaking wet, so after rubbing up and down her pussy lips for a short time I worked a finger in to her apparently delight, her gutteral cries moving in rhythm with my hand as I pumped my digit in and out of her cunt. And god bless porn for this – my education – as I jumped down between her legs and pulled her panties to the side, diving in with my tongue and lapping up and down her drenched slit before I plunged it into her pussy, making her convulse like my tongue was giving out an electric current.

As I climbed on top of her my cock slid right into the hilt and at that moment I didn’t care about anything – money, stupid teenage problems, even performance issues – but being inside that pussy. It was an ephiphany. My god, it’s full of cum. We were both in our absolute element as we fucked, her grabbing my ass and me grabbing her hair, working in and out of her until I clamped my mouth on hers and deeply kissed her as I shot my seed inside her. Spent, we lay together shivering and breathing heavily, slowly drifting off to sleep. And of course, we had barely awoke before she wrapped her fingers around my cock and I had my finger inside her beautiful pussy again, but that’s for another time.

As I said before, it was fucking great, and I always smile to this day about how good it really was. I’ve had a surprising amount of sex since (it tends to happen at least twice when you end up with two kids) and I split up with my first time not hugely long after it, but it’s amazing to have a memory like that when we’re supposed to be so despondent and, well, British about the first time we had sex, which is the stupidest thing ever. Sex is amazing and fun, let’s always remember to treat it that way.

*Yeah, I don’t understand it either.

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7 Responses to Guest Post – First Time #WickedWednesday

  1. What a fabulous first time. And you know what I really like? Reading about the first time sex from a male’s point of view. Fabulous. And I totally agree: Sex is amazing and fun!
    Thanks Lance for writing and thanks Charlie for sharing ūüôā

    Last but not least: Welcome to Wicked Wednesday!

    Rebel xox

  2. What a great post! Detailed, made me feel that I was ‘there’. More please x

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  5. So glad to see the writing of someone I’ve just started following on Twitter – it’s always interesting to read someone new

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